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It’s a Grape Day!

We’re up early this morning – headed up wine tasting!  In honor of all the grapes I’m not tasting today (since I’m DD), I added some super crunchy ones to my strawberry 0% Chobani & Homemade (disaster) granola breakfast.

Always buy organic grapes! Farmers use the most pesticides on them!

Pair that with the Sunday paper, and a bit of iced coffee (OK, cold coffee – who wants to water it down with ice?!?).

Fact: My 2nd favorite weekly ritual is reading the Sunday paper! (Favorite is taking the dogs to the dog park on Friday mornings before work!)

As a final send-off, found this little cutie in the laundry basket.  She’d nuzzled herself between a set of clean (but unfolded) sheets on the bottom and our softest blanket (the NAP blanket from Brookstone – you MUST get one).  I’ve titled this pic:  Softy McSoftysoft.

Say "Hi" to Tinkerbelle!


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