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Weekend Hangover

No, sadly, not that kind of hangover.  Not that there’s really a “good” hangover.  But, in general, I’m just out of it today.  And I’m pretty sure it’s because this weekend (well, Sunday & Monday) weren’t all they were cracked up to be.  

Honestly:  I didn’t have much fun.  

Not sure HOW I didn’t have fun while wine tasting, but I didn’t.

Friends, I’m going to vent for a while.  If you only want to read me when I’m chipper & witty, time to pack up this browser now…  

But I miss my friends.  I went wine tasting 3.5 hours away from my home for 2 days with 9 people (plus my hubby) that I would not consider friends. And it was not good.

Friends are people that I will always have some juicy tidbit of information to share with.  Friends are people who I want to share my sips of wine and my cheese plate with.  Friends are people who are not going to order a beer at a brewery if it’s 101* outside and I’m not allowed to come in.

And my friends have all moved away.

So, now I’m stuck with the “B Team”.  Yeah, I get it.  I’m their “B Team” too.  They probably have other people they’d rather hang out with than a sullen non-drinking foodie, who is more interested in whether her dogs can come into the tasting room than if the wine’s any good.  Seriously.  I’m not easy to get along with.  That’s probably why I miss my girls (and boys) so much.   (PS:  I was DD – otherwise I probably would have drank until I had fun!)

I wanted to have fun.  I really did.  When people arrived 15 minutes early on Sunday morning, before I even got a chance to open my newspaper, I wasn’t even irritated.

But, the irritation started early, and continued.  One of the guys is 6’8″, and he didn’t fit as well into my car as he would have hoped.  I drive a fairly large SUV – and I can’t help it that he’s a giant.  Seriously, stop complaining. And when my dogs were just trying to be friendly because they assume that everyone loves them, but the same guy then asks how I can make my dogs stop breathing in his ear.  (Ummm, really? You want them to stop breathing? Get out.  Now.)  And then we’re on a dirt road, and “Why did we have to pick a place so far away?”  I don’t know, but shut up about it.  You’re sitting in the back seat, sleeping, or listening to a lecture on MP3, but you’re sure as heck not driving.  And then we end up at a really crummy sandwich shop; and they forgot the veggies on my vegetarian sandwich.  Although, to be fair, they forgot the cheese on another girl’s vegetarian sandwich, so we should have combined forces.  Except hers had yellow hot-dog mustard.  Ewww.  I can go on, but I won’t.

What I’m trying to say is that Every.Little.Thing bothered me.  And I’m not sure what to do about it, because I’m not usually “that girl” who’s upset all the time.  And I’m never going to make any new friends with this puss on my face.

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