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Snap Out of It!

Yesterday I had myself a bit of a pity party.  Thanks for coming, by the way…

But today, it’s all Rainbows & Unicorns.  OK, that’s a bit aspirational, but I’m working on it…

You’ll never guess what made me snap out of it.  This guy!


Meet my trainer, Joe, from Future Physique!  He’s got more hair there than in person (because he shaves his head, but maybe he’s losing it too?), and that smile is usually a bit of a smirk…  since he’s literally trying to work my butt off.  Love that.  

Friends, I was still caught up in my pity party yesterday when I went to see him.  I arrived, warmed up, and Joe wasn’t even there!  I feared that I missed yet another appointment with someone, but he then came in running, and apologized that he was the one who screwed up.  I was grateful for the extra 10 minutes to run it out, and he was grateful that I wasn’t pissed.  It was a win-win.  And then he got my heart rate going.

I was between 145 and 160 BPM for the whole hour, and it was awesome.  There were squats.  There were crunches.  There were leg presses. There were bench presses.  There were 1-legged lifts.  And then I did them all over again.  And it was awesome.  When I was done, I had laughed, I had vented, and I had worked.

I guess I had what others might consider a runner’s high.  I’m not sure – I’ve never had one of those.  But I was happy when I left, wiping sweat from my brow (and every other place).  Nothing does a body better than a hard workout!

What snaps you out of a bad mood?


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  1. Hey there! Just found your blog, and glad that I did 🙂 Exercise is definitely what snaps me out of a bad mood. Yesterday I had to thank my yoga teacher after class because I’d walked in the door feeling all crabby and whiny and finished class smiling. Today I felt like I’d turned a whole corner in my relationship with running and working out because I knew that I needed to go for a run in order to make the crappy day manageable. Endorphins are magical!

    • Thanks for the comment – glad you like my blog! They are magical, aren’t they! I had a similar experience yesterday with Pilates. As much as I love it, I just didn’t feel like going. But once I was there… LOVED it!


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