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I Miss Dating

Well, not dating, exactly.  I miss getting all dolled up for a night on the town, the anticipation of someone coming to pick you up.

Did I wear the right dress?  Should I have worn jeans?  Do I look fat in this?  Love how this dress lifts & separates…

We had date night last night, and it was great!  When the hubby came home from work, a bit grumpy because he’d had to stay late because a process didn’t run.  Anyway… I was still in my workout clothes, hadn’t showered, and was blogging.  He asked if I’d prefer to just stay home, or go somewhere “less fancy”.  I assured him that, No, I’ll be ready in a jiffy, and then popped upstairs.

I came downstairs 30 minutes later, showered, hair done (straight ironed!), make-up done, a dress & heels on.  He was speechless for a bit, then asked if he needed to change.  I told him he was perfectly dressed, and I was ready to go.  His irritation had melted, and he suggested a bottle of wine first.  Not a problem over here!

I promised that the next picture wouldn't be of me looking like a zombie!

We shared a bottle of 2007 Lincourt Chardonnay (Steel) that somehow made its way into the regular fridge, and chatted about our days, and then headed out to the restaurant.

We went to Fins Seafood Grill for dinner.

Fins is a local restaurant in Westlake Village.  I had a certificate from Conejo Deals (a local deal site), so we figured we’d splurge a bit.  Starting with a few beers!

On the left, my favorite beer, Allagash White; Matt had a Firestone Double Barrel IPA. Both were super tasty!

Notice the empty plates in the above photo – we also enjoyed some oddly colored, but great tasting lobster tacos for an appetizer.

I had decided to have the crab cake appetizer with a salad as my entrée, but then the server came over and told us about the specials.  The two entrée specials sounded amazing: wild pacific sea bass with mushrooms and cabbage in a coconut curry sauce, served with white rice (on the side) and a Hawaiian Ono, served with coconut rice and a tropical fruit salsa.  I ended up with the sea bass; the hubby picked the ono.



Both were fantastic, although I liked mine better.  Lots of butter in that sauce – definitely not low cal, but very tasty.  I piled about 1/4 of the rice provided into the sauce once I finished the fish and the veggies, just to get more of the curry flavor!

We chatted about all sorts of things – like HS English class & the literature choices, the live singer in the restaurant, and our plans to travel to our college Homecoming in October.  We ended up skipping dessert.  After all, I had 3 drinks over the evening, an appetizer, and a full meal (not to mention the bread basket with an olive tapenade that I couldn’t pass up).  Dessert would have been a bit over the top for a “standard” date night.  

Let’s just not talk about the fact that I’d gone SIGNIFICANTLY over my 1500 daily calorie target, shall we?

Even though we don’t have kids yet, I think that we don’t get enough time to connect during the week, and really relish our date nights!

What do you do to make sure that you’re still connecting with your partner after a long week?


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