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A Day of Remembrance

It was difficult to get out of bed this morning.  10 years after massive terrorist attacks on the US, I wonder how we can live such a normal life (at least I can).

When I did get up, I put out the flag that we reserve for the 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, and the anniversary of September 11.  It’s not much, but at least I feel that I’m doing something

And then I went on with my day…

We started the day with iced coffee and more breakfast tacos…

A rainbow of colors for Sunday brunch. All veggies were the leftover grilled veggies from last night, except for the tomatoes, which were still fresh...

I used 6 egg whites and 2 full eggs, plus about 2 Tbsp of Fage 0% Greek Yogurt.  The Fage adds a bit of creaminess to the eggs, but they’re not runny (like when I used to add skim milk).  They also give an extra pump of protein!

Because the Fage doesn’t mix super well in the eggs, I mix them in the bullet blender for about 5 seconds, just enough to get the Fage all mixed in and creamy.

I sautéed the onions first, since they were still pretty spicy last night, because they weren’t fully cooked.  

Pour over the eggs, and scramble away!

Add into corn tortillas, topped with Mexican Red Sauce, and voila!

After breakfast I started making the meal plan for this week…  Stay tuned for a post on that later this week!

This evening, our friend Christina came over again, this time to help me make cupcakes!  We made Jenna’s Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting from Eat, Live, Run.  Except we doubled the recipe (to make a total of 18 cupcakes), and added 1/3 a bag of chocolate chips, because you know I love some chocolate!  And the best part?  I got to break out the new stand mixer that my hubby got me for my birthday!

Mmmm, cream cheese frosting!

The cupcakes turned out well – although they were pretty ‘molasses-ey’.  I’m not sure that’s a word, but I might cut the amount of molasses next time.  And Jenna was right – they’re very muffin-like in texture.

Pay no attention to the messes at the bottom of the oven...

Of course, the frosting more than makes up for that!  Yum.  I cut the tip of my make-shift pastry bag too large, so my frosting skills aren’t fantastic here.

But that just means more frosting.

How could that ever be a bad thing?

Of course, the cupcakes were for dessert.  I packed up 1 for Christina to take home, 11 to take to work, and 2 for Matt & I tomorrow evening for dessert. Remember – I’m trying to LOSE weight here.  While one cupcake once in a while isn’t going to kill me, 18 of them will.

Dinner was a salad with these toppings:

Yellow grape tomatoes, red peppers, heirloom carrots, baby beets, goat cheese & Garlic Gold... On top of butter lettuce with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

And we made a pizza…  Whole wheat pizza crust from Trader Joe’s (surprisingly amazing!), all-natural pizza sauce, sweet chicken sausage, red peppers and yellow grape tomatoes, topped with mozzarella cheese and Garlic Gold nuggets.  Of course, I forgot to snap any photos while eating, but behold the aftermath…  The middle pieces were messy, but the crust held up really well.

The crust was PERFECT!

We’re watching the History Channel’s special on the terrorist attacks from September 11, featuring home movies from civilians watching as the towers in NYC were hit.  It really was a terrible, terrible day in US history.  I was shocked to hear on NPR on Friday and read in this morning’s paper that most schools do not teach about this day.  I don’t care about your politics – and I don’t want this to become a political blog.  But teachers are made to teach to the test, and are not able to teach to what’s most important.

Never forget, my friends.  Never.

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  1. We buy those golden garlic nuggets from time to time. They are great to cook with!

    • I’m kind of obsessed with them… Just found the Garlic Gold olive oil on clearance at our grocery store — I stocked up! But the nuggets are SO good for salads & toppings! I use it on everything!

  2. Oh how I love breakfast tacos! Yours make for some seriously delectable food porn. 🙂

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