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What You Don’t Know Won’t Really Hurt You…

Some might call me the worst blogger in the world.  Why?  Because I’m not really keeping up my end of the bargain on my whole “Blog a Day” Challenge.  Skipping days = failing the challenge.  But, I contend that you’d rather have something well thought-out than just some rubbish I type up rambling-style…  So because I spent last night at a 4-year-old’s birthday party (wine & carrot cake included, of course!) instead of blogging I went to sleep.  Because playing trains, and castles, and reading pop-up books will tucker a girl out!

Dixie would like to greet you - cross-eyed & all!

But, I will not let you down this weekend, my friends!  I’ve got some great posts planned, and you’re going to want to stay tuned.

Mason, posing. Tail in full poufy-ness.

First things first:

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Yes, I normally do these on Fridays.  But, work was busy (gasp!), then we had the birthday party (yay!), then we went to our fave sushi place for dinner (yum!).  Once we got home, and Kanye West’s Gold Digger got out of my head (that was the background music for sushi, not the birthday party…  not sure which would be weirder), I was exhausted!

Mason about to knock me over...

1.  I gag easily.  Bleu cheese?  gag.  Canned tuna?  gag.  Cleaning out the fridge?  gag.  Cleaning the litterbox?  gag.  Not sure what to do about it.  I’ve tried thinking that I’m eating/doing something else.  Nope, gag.  I gagged this morning at the dog park when a dog peed in the water bowl, then proceeded to drink out of it.

And then Mason drank from the same water bowl...

2.  I got really sick in France when I was in college.  I had studied abroad, and was traveling that summer with friends.  I’d just left them to meet up with my then-boyfriend in his hometown of Toulouse, France.  That night, instead of he, his mother, and I going out to dinner together, they got stuck with car trouble, so I grabbed a chicken gyro in the town square.  Big mistake.  While it was tasty, 3 days later, I was a mess.  14 days after that, I’d seen 4 doctors in 4 different countries.  According to them, I was pregnant or had the flu.  Finally, the last doctor in Switzerland told me that there was something really wrong with me and when I got home to the US (I was leaving the next day), I should go to the Emergency Room.  So, I flew out.  Took 4 planes (yes, 4! — Geneva to London, London to NYC, NYC to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh to Milwaukee).  When my parents picked me up at the airport, I asked them to take me to the hospital.  Where I immediately fainted in the ER.  My mom says that she’s never seen anyone admitted to a hospital (without a trauma) so quickly.  I spent 4 days in a specially designed room, because they thought I had some sort of exotic disease.  Then they thought that I had cancer.  So I filled out an advanced directive and completed a living will.  Have I mentioned that in all my genius, I decided that for that summer I didn’t need health insurance?  No? Well, I didn’t have any.  (I was financially independent of my parents for tuition reasons, so I was in charge of procuring my own health insurance…  That’s another post all together!)  So the social workers would come to see me, trying to figure out how I was going to pay for this crazy stay…  On the 4th day, as I was being prepped (for a 2nd time – see gagging comment above) for a colonoscopy, the doc came in and said that they’d figured it out.  I had salmonella food poisoning, and my body just couldn’t fight it.  But I’d be discharged the next day, since there was nothing more they could do for me (I was now able to hold down water, so I had that going for me…).  And that’s the story of why I didn’t go into the Peace Corps or Law School, as planned, after I graduated from University.  Because I had $20,000+ of medical bills, plus loan payments for University costs, all because I ate a friggin’ chicken gyro.

3.  I get a boatload of magazines.  A boatload, I say!  I have a bunch to read this weekend – and so I will!  I read them before going to bed, while on the elliptical, and while sitting on the couch.  I’d much rather read a good magazine than watch TV or a movie.  I have yet to find a great way to organize the things that I pull out of them (recipes, music recommendations, book recommendations, products I want to try, gift ideas, etc.)  Any fab ideas for me?  If I read them online (like on an iPad) could I pin these things and post to Pinterest for organization?  

  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Clean Eating
  • Cooking Light
  • Glamour
  • Los Angeles Magazine
  • Marie Claire
  • National Geographic
  • Self
  • Shape
  • Women’s Health

And, I was reading Redbook at the dermatologist’s office yesterday, and realized that I really liked it.  Hmmm, no more mags allowed though!

She looks so FAST!

4.  I love kitchen gadgets.  And will continue to look for others to make my kitchen complete.  Even if I didn’t realize how much I needed it.  My Top Gadgets:

  • Strawberry huller.  This thing is awesome.  You never knew you needed one until you don’t have one & have a pint of strawberries to cut up.  Swear to goodness.
  • SodaStream.  It’s a water sparkler.  Meaning that it adds CO2 to your water, to make sparkling water.  Add some of their syrups, and you have soda!  I love it.  I drink WAY more water this way – I can easily finish a liter bottle before dinner, and another during dinner.  But it’s basically free!  Woot!  I used to buy cases of Pellegrino at Costco.  No more!  Add a lemon (from our over-producing lemon tree) and it feels so fancy!
  • Electronic kitchen scale.  I can’t be bothered to tare my “regular” scale, so I bought one that would tare at the press of a button.  Perfection.
  • Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System.  This makes cold-brewed coffee concentrate.  I tend to make a batch on Saturdays (or, hopefully, if I’ve remembered on Friday evenings, so I can drink it on Saturday morning).  It takes 12 hours for the brew to steep, then about 30 minutes for it to drip from the plastic (BPA-free) brewing compartment into the glass carafe.  Hold the glass carafe in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  When you want to drink, dilute with water & milk.  Add some cinnamon on top, and voila!  Perfect iced coffee at home!  The cold brew system is better than just brewing coffee and chilling it because it creates less acid.  And I have a bit of an awkward tummy.  So I can’t handle a lot of acid, but I love me some coffee…  You can even nuke some of this (after diluting, of course) for hot coffee…  Love this.
  • Calorie King.  Ok, so it’s not really a “kitchen gadget” per se, but it is amazing.  And it helps me in the kitchen.  Helps me to decide what I should & shouldn’t be eating.  Provides recipes, support, and challenges to keep me on the weight-loss track.  Reminds me what a serving of food really is.  And gives me an outlet when I want to eat, but I’m not really hungry (in the dictionary next to emotional eater…  yep, picture of me.)
  • Garlic press.  Yes, I’m lazy and don’t like having my fingers smell like garlic.  Sue me.
  • Silicone pastry brush.  Because, again, I’m lazy.  And the silicone is WAY easier to clean than the normal natural ones.
  • Misto – Olive Oil Spray.  I find that using a spray of oil is much better than using a tsp or Tbsp of oil.  The spray covers the surface and makes sure that my food doesn’t stick, and I use MUCH less of it!

Mason showing you how he fetches!

5.  I have a black thumb.  Any plant that I try to take care of will die.  In short order.  I now have 2 basil plants on the counter.  1 is stripped clean of basil leaves, the other has about 1/2 of the leaves left.  I assume that both will be dead in about a week.  We have gardeners come to the house every Wednesday, because we have a lot of tropical plants, really nice flowers, and flowering bushes.  If I were to attempt to take care of them, they’d die almost immediately.  I used to have a whole herb garden.  Dead.  People (like my mom) send me plants sometimes.  Dead.  My husband did get me a tulip plant and a succulent garden for Valentine’s Day this year.  Tulips = dead.  Succulents are surprisingly alive.  Of course, that’s because I don’t need to do anything to it.  Luckily, I’ve kept alive 4 animals, so we assume that I won’t forget about our children when we do have them…

Still alive, though she may be a bit dead behind the eyes...

Have a great Saturday!  I’m off to run errands while the hubby fixes the pool.  Mason decided that the wire attaching the chlorinator looked delicious.  Which means our pool is rather, um, green at the moment.
How do you organize your magazine pull-outs?
What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?  
Do you have a green thumb?  What’s your secret?

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  1. I have, for magazine pull-outs, a binder or two full of sheet protectors. I can then slip the articles (or pictures, for my home ideas binder) into the binders, and sort them any way I want/need. If you save up tons of articles, you can bring the binder with you instead of a stack of magazines and have tons of reading material.

    I used to feel organized about this system, but then I saw your meal planning grid. 🙂

    • I’ve tried that – but was never able to keep it up! My issue is: what do you do when there’s 1 “category” of stuff on 1 page of a magazine, and another “category” on the opposite side?

      • I do hate that – once or twice, I scanned the opposite page so I’d have an extra copy. And, in the one I have for home decoration ideas (which I suspect is a category far better served by Pinterest,but I’m holding off on that time-suck), I have little notes on pages that aren’t in the right category because they are on the back of something else reminding me why I pulled them (e.g. sink). I also go through that one to pull & rearrange, so it is never quite perfect. At least I’m down to only one magazine that I hold onto intact, storing in magazine boxes.

  2. Aw! Such a cute dog 🙂


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