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So THIS is What the Flu Feels Like…

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Yep.  I’ve got the flu.  Well, I think I have the flu.  My doc couldn’t see me today, so I have an appointment tomorrow.

What I’ve eaten today:

  • Smoothie made by the hubby
  • 2 spoonfuls of soup made by the hubby
  • 2 pita chips – NOTE:  Do not eat pita chips when you have the flu.  Especially heavily salted garlic flavor.  You’re welcome.
  • Peach, cut up & warmed, topped with granola
  • At least 2 gallons of water and juice.  At least.
It all started on Saturday evening – my guts felt like someone was wringing them out like a wet washcloth.  So, I went to bed early.  Yesterday, during the day, I felt a little off, but not bad.  Then last night, the same wringing.  This morning, when I woke up, it was in full force.  I called into work sick – and so did my whole team.
We had business meetings on Friday evening & all day Saturday together.  A couple of people had gotten food poisoning – or so they thought…  But since I haven’t had much other than the pain and the fever and aches, I don’t think I have food poisoning.  Anyway, super suspicious that we’re all sick now.
Guess it’s kind of lucky that I take my temperature every morning, huh?  I know that my temperature is normally really low (like 95 degrees low), so when it was 99 this morning, and went up to 100.9, that’s kind of a big deal for me.  It’s dropped now to 97.9, so it looks like the fever has broken, but still high for me.  Don’t think I’ll be going into work tomorrow, just in case.
So, what’d I do all day?  I laid in bed and watched movies!
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • You Again
  • Forks over Knives
  • The Business of Being Born
I also napped, and read emails, responding to only the ones that couldn’t wait…
Starting up on Bridget Jones’s Diary now…  Stay healthy, friends!

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