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What I Ate Wednesday – Take 5

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I missed last week’s What I Ate Wednesday, so I’ll be darned if I was going to miss it again.

Neither 8 AM meeting, announcement of layoffs, or dinner out with the girls would keep me from posting today, my friends.  That’s dedication.

Yes.  You heard read me correctly.  My company announced that 10% of staff in my department would be laid off by the end of the month.  That’s ~600 people without a job.  Am I worried?  Yes.  Am I going to let it stop WIAW?  No.

Because I really just can’t think about it until I am called into an office with HR, or any of my staff are.  Where’s that hole in the sand for me to insert my ostrich-like head?

Since I’m still on the lovely BRAT diet, today was a bit bland…

Started the day with some toast & tea…

White organic bread, Since it's like a super-comfort-food, with Earth Balance spread

Tazo Spicy Ginger tea to soothe the belly.

I had lunch in a meeting – after finishing one meeting 10 minutes early so I could grab it, then go to my next meeting and eat it.  Everyone in the meeting was SUPER jealous of it…  Aren’t you?  Sorry, had to eat the whole thing in the meeting – you only get to view the leftovers.  My apologies!

Brown rice, banana & a Naked Mango Madness smoothie (the whole bottle!)

No snacks today either – since I knew I was eating out, I didn’t want to jinx anything food-wise.  That and I completely forgot about the applesauce that I’d packed.  No joke.

Dinner was at a local Italian restaurant, Bellini Osteria.  The inside was beautiful, and 2 of us got to sit on these really luxurious banquette seats.  And, we had a 20% off coupon!  A friend and I had each gone to a local spa, John of Italy (sensing a theme?), for some Conejo Deals-inspired pampering, and the esthetician gave us each coupons for the restaurant that she and her husband also own.  Score!

On Wednesdays they have live music – a singer and a keyboardist.  Frankly, it was kind of weird.  She was good and all, but super awkward.  Are you supposed to clap for every song?  How do you have a conversation without feeling like you’re being rude to her?

Well, the ladies and I chatted all night long.  Considering that we’re all in the same department (again, a 6,000 person department, so it’s not that unlikely), even though we all do completely different jobs, it’s interesting to hear the gossip stemming from today’s announcement.  We all feel like we’re somewhat secure in our jobs – but of course, you never know.

We shared a bottle of Rosenblum Cellars Zinfandel – which was served far too warm for my taste.  It was really nice for a $32 bottle of wine.  And, we had 2 baskets of their warm bread dipped in olive oil & balsamic vinegar.  Seriously – they needed to take the bread away, but since I’m allowed toast, and really nothing on the appetizer menu, that was my “starter”.

Aww, you look hungry. Have a crumb.

For dinner, I deviated a bit from my BRAT diet, and had the Mushroom Ravioli – a variety of mushrooms and ricotta, served in a sage cream sauce.  It was honestly the lightest dish that I could find on the menu.  Yikes.  It was super tasty though, and I would definitely order it again.  Perfect number of raviolis – I shared 1 with the ladies (1/4 of a ravioli each).  It wasn’t TOO heavy, but was heavier than I was hoping for.  Better than the spinach & goat cheese risotto that I was initially looking at (for the rice, and all!).

I made sure to get a bite of sage in each bite of ravioli. Perfecto!

I had about 3 bites of a creme brûlée that one of the ladies ordered.  It was a bit deeper than I usually like – I prefer the crunchy top to the custardy bottom any day.  I did like that it was topped with sliced strawberries, though!

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