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Pushing it!

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I really pushed it in tonight’s workout.  Get it?  No?!?  You will soon!

Set Muscle Exercise Reps Weight (lbs) Notes
1 Legs Leg press 15 190  
Leg extension 15 80  
2 Chest /
Upper body
Dumbbell Chest Press 15 25  
Push-up with
Jump thru to Dip
15 BW Use 2 platforms, swinging legs (using core)
3 Triceps / Legs/Shoulder Tricep Push down 15 50 Using cable
Walking lunges w/
Shoulder Press Hold
15 each 10  
4 Upper/Arms / Hips/Glutes Arm March 15 each BW  
Hip Abduction 15 60  

Tonight’s workout was:  PUSH.  All exercises had something to do with Pushing.  (As opposed to pulling…)

Started with a 2 minute warm-up at 6 mph.  Finished with 35 minutes on the elliptical.

These were all done in superset, 3 times.  So – 15 leg presses, 15 leg extensions, 15 leg presses, 15 leg extensions, etc.  My trainer was pretty impressed with some of the grunting that was going on with the leg presses.  Basically, doing this, the weight should be difficult.  15 should be the maximum of any of the exercises that you can do.  I could seriously not do ANY more of really any of them (except maybe the tricep push down – that one was hard to “calibrate” to failure).

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