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I’m going to lay it out on the table.  Do with this information what you will.  I’m not sure what I think of it all yet, so comments are welcome:

  • My TSH is high, which means that my other thyroid levels (T3 & T4) are low.  I’m now taking Armour, which is dessicated pig’s thyroid.  Yes, I realize that I can now never be a vegetarian.
  • My progesterone is low.  As in “post-menopausal” low.  As in, I haven’ t ovulated, and didn’t get my period this month.  Hubby thinks I’m pregnant & the test was wrong.  Will take a test tomorrow AM, just in case.  I doubt it’ll be positive.
  • I’m supposed to start taking progesterone pills on the 14th of the month to try to spur my body to create progesterone, and thus ovulate.  But I’m looking into more traditional medicines – namely, acupuncture.  I talked to a friend who had some issues with fertility last night, and she did acupuncture (I was researching it before she mentioned it, but I was really glad to hear that she had success with it!)  I’ve heard a side effect of the pills is weight gain.  That’s just not going to work for me!
  • My OB-GYN can’t see me until the 28th.  The friggin 28th!  That’s crazy.  I might need to re-think my OB.  But, she only delivers 10 kiddos per month.  Which means that I will actually see HER, and not someone else.  Since I’m not preggo yet, I’m kind of low on the totem pole.  I did put myself on the wait list for any time an appointment frees up.  Since I know that she’s going to want to do more testing, so I’d like to get that over with, you know?  I just want to treat this thing!
  • I need to lose weight.  I’ve got a few months here to play with.  While I’m getting everything internally right with me, I really need to get all my other priorities in order.  And that includes making it to goal weight.  Pronto.  But safely and sustainably.
  • Work is friggin’ busy.  Luckily, I didn’t get laid off last month.  But, my projects are building up.  There’s always some fire to put out…
  • I can’t read any more blogs.  I’m sorry.  I haven’t been keeping up with even my favorites (it was kind of an all-or-nothing thing).  And I need to clean house.  I need to not want to comment on everyone’s (because there are always things in your blogs that make me say, “Hey, I have experienced that!” and I want to say something.  But I can’t anymore.  It’s just too much time).
  • I was hypnotized for the 2nd time last week for my nail-biting habit.  Ugh.  I can’t believe I STILL bite my nails.  Gross.  Anyway, I’m not sure if it worked.  I have caught myself a few times biting, but stay tuned.

All of the above, combined with a trip to San Fran, my husband’s birthday last week, volunteer jobs, and keeping in touch with friends has really limited my ability to blog.  I didn’t want to blog about the more personal stuff, but then I realized that I needed to.  If I was going to blog at all, it needs to include everything.  So, laying it all out there.

Now, it’ll just take care of itself, right?!?

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  1. Your blog is for you – don’t worry about us. Don’t use up time you need for yourself & your health to comment on our blogs. And, if it helps you to write & publish, do it, but if not, give yourself a break.

    Take care!

    • I know. I KNOW! But… I really wanted to be able to fit it in. And I was feeling like it was an all-or-nothing type thing. But then I remembered — I don’t get paid to do this. I won’t give up time with friends or the hubby to do this. But, I really love doing this. So there IS a middle ground. Just need to find it. Thanks for the comment – and for sticking around! 🙂

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  3. hey! you are being too hard on yourself! 2nd, i used to be a serious nail biter and the only thing that helped me was weekly manicures with polish and this disgusting clear stuff that tastes like poison you put on your nails. 3rd, one of my BFF’s is a Health Coach who has a thyroid issue. she is an amazing resource and super knowledgeable. let me know if you want her website or Facebook page! 🙂

  4. Sounds like there is a lot going on in your life, my friend. Good for you for trying to take care of you, though! If it makes you feel any better, I should go to hypnotherapy to correct my OCD-ness for hating odd numbers…or the fact that I outline everything with my toes (that’s right, I said it, I am constantly drawing the imaginary outlines of everything I see with my feet)…or for when I am nervous I play with my fingernails (but I have to evenly touch them). See? You have it pretty good with just your nail biting! And you thought you were worse off… ha! Much love and good vibes being sent to you for the pregnancy…

    • Thanks, lady! I actually think it has worked! I have been getting weekly manicures for 2 weeks now – haven’t bit for 3… 🙂 Woot, woot! I had a boss that could only do things in evens. Honestly, if it doesn’t affect your life, don’t worry about it. We’ve all got neuroses. Mine were just really ugly to look at! 🙂


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