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It has been quite a while since my last TinyLaLa Check-In.  Yikes.  A really long time.

And frankly?  Not much has changed.  Well, with my weight, anyway.

Lots has changed in my life.  If you’re a bit behind, check out this morning’s post.

And yes, I realize that this is my third (third!) post today.  Don’t count on this trend continuing.  This is not who I am.  Nor who you want me to be.  ‘Cause I’d get really boring.  And start musing about how weird it is that we have animals living in our house, that we feed & pick up their poop for them.  Yep, things like that would start coming out if I blogged even more than once a day.

(Who am I kidding?  That might be a blog topic next week…)

Anywhoo – back to the TinyLaLa check-in for Monday, 7 November.  Dun dun dun!

  • Morning weight:  205.4
  • Afternoon weight:  207

So, since the 26th of September, I have lost:  4.5 pounds (since that weight of 211.5 was taken in the afternoon).  That’s a loss of 3/4 pound per week.  Kind of weak.  But still better than 3 pounds total.  Or a gain of 3 pounds (yes, that’s happened — quite easily, thankyouverymuch).

And, this afternoon I finished my work-out calendar for the rest of the year.

  • Scheduled swimming?  Check.
  • Scheduled Pilates?  Check.
  • Scheduled workouts at the gym on days without the trainer?  Check.
  • Scheduled trip to Vegas.  Check.  <– Oh, woops.  Probably not much “good” stuff happening then, I’m afraid.  Maybe a hike.

Now, if I STICK to the schedule, I’m guessing that we’ll see that scale go down!

But, what will REALLY help that scale move, is if I continue to log my food.  And, hopefully, pre-log the day.  That was a lifesaver today.  I knew this morning that I could not have a certain item for a snack because I had already pre-logged my food.  Genius.  Pure genius.

As for food, I’m targeting 1350 calories (with a 150 calorie either way “buffer”).  Broken down by:

  • 45% protein = 630 cal from protein based off of a 1400 cal a day
  • 35% Carbs = 490 cal from Carbs
  • 20% essential fats = 280 cal from fat
In CalorieKing, you’re able to set targets for your nutrients, so my targets for these are:
  • Protein:  630 calories / 4 calories per gram of Protein = 158 (!) grams of protein per day
  • Carbs:  490 calories / 4 calories per gram of Carbs = 123 (!) grams of carbs per day
  • Fats:  280 calories / 9 calories per gram of Fat = 31 (!) grams of fat per day
Note the exclamation points after each of these…  That protein is so HIGH!  And the carbs & fats are so LOW!  It’s been quite a challenge to EVER get this in.  And, I can’t say that I have.  Until today, my friends.  This whole menu-planning, pre-logging, exercise like a crazy person, WILL pay off.  It has to.

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