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“New” Job

Things are going awry in my plan.  Yes.  I said it.

My plan isn’t working out.

Want to know why?

They just added 2 more products to my work load.  That’s 2 products on top of my 2 products.

2 +2 = 4.  Or really, 2 + 2 = CrazyLaLa

It’s not a doubling of work – probably a 30% increase in work load.  So, there went the planned swim sessions in the middle of the work day.  No more of that.  No more work outs during the day during “off time”.  Because I won’t have any “off time”.

That said, this is a really good thing for me, work-wise.  Always better to be busy.  Always better to know that I’m needed. Especially given the layoffs last month.  I’ll have 2 more direct reports, and my team will grow by a total of 5 (2 direct reports and their 3 reports).  And, my boss is going to write the end-of-year reviews for the 2 managers that I’ll be managing (phew! I actually called him out and asked if that’s why they were doing it now!)

Of course, no additional $$$ (yet).  But I do believe that by doing well and taking this on, my boss will see how valuable I am, and that I’m doing this (in addition to having doubled my work earlier in the year), I’ll earn that Exceptional rating at the end of the year!

This will require that I change how I work though.  Right now I’m pretty involved in my teams’ decisions.  Which is great, and I love it, but I need to figure out a way to manage a little less hands-on and let them start to manage decisions and ensure that the teams are coming to me with options and not having me work through the options for them.



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