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What is it about the New Year?

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It’s like the first day of school…  I made & ate a good breakfast.  I did my hair & make-up.  I brought a new calendar to work (and promptly filled in all the company’s vacation days…).  It’s such a clean slate!

I’ve been thinking about a few other things that I need to add to my goal/resolution list:

  • I am going to wear make-up to work, and not come in looking like a zombie.  Because everyone knows that zombies don’t get promoted.  (Yes, I know.  You don’t need to wear make-up to get promoted.  But you cannot look like a zombie.  And without make-up, I do.  So there.)
  • I am going to keep up with my budget and  This is on the same vein as my spend less, save more resolution, but it’s more exact.  We just got a crazy high credit card bill.  Granted, it had all the Christmas gifts, and 2 weekends away on there, but still.  It was out of control.  And we’ve got better things to spend our $$$ on.
  • I’m going to be happy with what I have.  Again, this goes along with the Spend less, Save more resolution, but also with the “I love myself” plan.  Will I look better 40 pounds lighter?  Yes.  Will it make my world a better place?  No.  I tend to jump from thing to thing…  I’ll focus on it until I have it (which is a good thing – I call it drive).  But when those are all material possessions, it can be a bad thing.  For example, I NEEDED a potato ricer for Christmas.  Now that I have one, I have no idea what to do with a potato ricer.  Onto bigger ideas:  I hate my car.  It’s a decent car, it works, and it was expensive.  But I don’t like it.  Do I need to research new cars every day?  No.  Do I need to compare my car with others that I see?  No.  Will I start researching them when this car needs a big repair, and I can’t even stand to look at it?  Sure.  But until then, it’ll take me from point A to point B – squeaky brakes and all.

This last one kind of hit me like a ton of bricks.  The hubby and I were in New Hampshire for the holidays.  The homes were historic, and beautiful.  And I wanted one.  I kept picking out different houses that we could move into.  But then I got home.  And I realized, I LOVE living in Southern California.  No, we don’t get flurries of snow on Christmas morning.  But we do have 80* days on New Years.  And that’s something.  Something AMAZING!  No, our home isn’t historic.  But it is big, and open, and bright.  No, family doesn’t live here.  But they do like to travel, and we like to entertain.  It really is a Win-Win!

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