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Measurements, Sch-measurements…

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Yesterday’s workout was brutal.  BRUTAL!

And apparently I had prepared myself for that, since I didn’t bring my shoes.  SHOES!  Can you believe it?  Luckily, my trainer’s appointment after me cancelled, so he was cool with me heading home, getting my shoes, and coming back.  Have I told you how awesome he is?

We started off with a weigh-in & measurement session.

Remember:  Goals for this year include 160 pounds, Body fat of 25%, and a Waist:Hip ratio of 0.7.

TinyLaLa Check-In – 3 January 2012 (I just totally typed 2011!)

  • Weight:  211.4 (This was in the afternoon at 5:30 PM)
  • Body fat:  37.5%
  • Chest:  45.5 inches
  • Waist:  43 inches
  • Hips:  45.5 inches…  I would make a statement about me being an hourglass, but really, I’m just a straight block…
  • Waist:Hip Ratio:  0.95 – YIKES!
  • Right Bicep:  13.25 inches
  • Right Thigh:  22 inches

So, this is where I’m starting this year.  I’ve got nowhere to go but DOWN!

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I'm really just a thin girl with a lot of extra padding...

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  1. Just caught up on your blog. Sorry about the tough baby time. I’ve learnt a lot about all of this in my own struggles with infertility. Mine is a pretty final diagnosis but by what I have learned, since you have healthy ovaries and no pcos, clomid will help you. I am quite sure of it. If you have a low AMH (which means plenty of follicles and eggs) pretty much nothing can prevent you from having a biological child with all fertility methods available now. However I wanted to point out something I learned which I wish someone had told me when I was 30. Endocrinologists are now discovering a link between thyroid dysfunction and infertility. It is a less talked about subject and in one with healthy ovaries it is treatable. So this might be something you want to bring up with your RE or a good endo before you put yourself through anything extreme.
    Good Luck!

    • Thanks so much Sarah. I’m actually already being treated for hypothyroid – I’m on a 0.5 grain of Armour every morning. My most recent tests tell me that it’s working, but I have a f/u appointment with my PA on Feb 1. (If I see my repro endo before then, I’ll bring the test results and ask him to take a look and make recommendations – trust him more than I trust the PA). Stay tuned to this space – 11 Jan I’ll take another preg test. Fingers (and toes, and eyes) crossed that it’s positive! (Started on Clomid in December… I just realized that I didn’t blog much of Dec, so y’all aren’t really aware of what I was up to!)


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