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How come I can’t comment on people’s blogs?  I comment, and I’m doing exactly the way that I always did it, and they’re just not showing up!  What’s up with that?!?

That, coupled with the massive zit that’s making it’s way to my nose (I can feel it when I scrunch my eyebrows!  Yikes), and the fact that I had a sploch of smoothie on my collar ALL day (even during meetings and 1:1s)  makes me upset today.  Seriously:  If we ever meet, and I’ve got food in my teeth, TP on my foot, or my skirt is tucked into my panties, you MUST tell me.  MUST.  Otherwise I’ll stop commenting on your blog…  Wait a minute…

But, never fear, the exerciser is here!

Heading to the gym shortly for a cardio session, and some magazines!  Woot!

The hubby’s heading to a beer tasting, but should be home for dinner.  On the menu:  Taco salads!  Woot!  I love that taco salads always feel like I’m cheating, but I’m not!!!  Love.  And, since I pile them with veggies, there’s a whole lotta food going on.  Love even more!

I missed my afternoon snack — had my morning snack at 11:30 and “lunch” at 2:30, so I don’t really need anything yet.  Will have an apple and a protein shake after the workout.  Stopping at Tarjaaay on the way home for some organization stuff (Gosh, can you tell how much I fall into the whole New Year, New You trap?!?), then hightailing home for those taco salads!

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