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OH, these obliques!

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I have been a work out MACHINE!  And I’ve got the odd aches & pains to prove it.  Sore obliques?  Check.  That’s kind of hard for me to do – considering my obliques are so far below the padding!  Pretty proud of myself, and the past 10 days.  I’ve worked out every single day (if you include walks with the pups as a workout, which in addition to the walking works the arms quite nicely!) and have stayed within my calorie target with minimal eating back of exercise calories.  I’m almost nervous to say it, but it’s actually been quite easy.

Most of what’s working?  I’m not eating out.  Like, at all.  Nothing from the cafeterias at work (except salad bar, which I got as an addition to the taco meat that I brought from home).  I’m eating within calories, within most of my targets, and have not felt like I’ve been deprived.  That, my friends, is amazing.  I honestly don’t think that I’ve stayed on plan for 10 straight days ever.  EVER.

Today was weigh-in & measurement day – yep, that’s right:  TinyLaLa Check-in.  I arrived at the gym about 30 minutes before I was supposed to, and measurements are supposed to be done “dry” (before warm-up).  So today’s check-in is only weight & BF (keep in mind:  this is at 4:30 PM, and I drank a bottle of water on my way over on accident).

  • Weight:  208.6 (down 2.8 from last week!)
  • Body Fat:  36.6% (down 1.1% from last week!!!)

THAT’s what I’m talking about, friends!  Actually, when you take my weight on 1/1, and my weight this morning, I’ve lost 8 pounds.  Which is Ca-RAZY!  Those first few days I was really getting rid of water, apparently!  But so glad to see that BF percentage moving too – which is really the most important part, anyway!

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  1. it’s amazing what 10 straight days on plan can do for you, right? I should take a page from your book. 😉

    • I know! Funny how that works out. In the past, I always thought it was too hard to plan, or too hard to be sure that I stayed within calorie target. I’ve found that pre-planning and not eating out makes a HUGE difference. Of course, I knew that all along, but wasn’t really willing to put in the work, I suppose. It’s worth it!


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