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I Can See Clearly Now…

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… the contacts/glasses are gone!

I’ve been a bit MIA because I had laser eye surgery on Wednesday!  All went swimmingly, although I really wasn’t prepared for how uncomfortable it would be.   The first bit there’s a bit of “pressure” on your eyeball (when they’re cutting the flap).  My right eye did OK, but on my left eye I got a bit panicky.  After that was all done, and the laser started, I knew it was almost over, so I didn’t care as much.  But, I was not prepared for the burning on the way home.  (When the hubby had his done they gave him an extra valium before the procedure because he was shaking – I played it cool & didn’t get the valium.  How dumb of me.)

Took 2 valium when I got home and a Tylenol PM and slept for 5 hours.  Up at 7 PM, dinner, then back to sleep around 9:45 or so.  I have to sleep with eye shields on, which is not as terribly uncomfortable as I thought it would be.  Just not super sexy!  Ha!

I was supposed to be able to do cardio workouts yesterday, but I decided to leave work early, so figured it wasn’t a good idea to hop on the elliptical.  2 rest days in a row.  I better get my butt back in gear!  Luckily, I’ve stayed within calorie targets, so I’m still losing, despite not going to the gym.  No weight lifting for a week.  No swimming for 4 weeks – at least, not with goggles.  I could swim without goggles, but I just can’t do that…  (Just postponed my swim club, and will join again on March 1.)

This morning I was 202 pounds.  Woot!  That’s 11.8 pounds since 1/1.  Cannot believe how amazingly well I’m doing!

No big plans this evening.  Headed to a housewarming party tomorrow, so I need to make a healthy alternative to chips & dip.  Probably a veggie tray with a healthy dip, like baba ganoush (Everyday Maven had a great-looking recipe on her site yesterday!  Thinking of bringing that!).

Tomorrow Matt & I also need to shop around for a new bank.  Wells Fargo has decided to start charging us a $13 fee for our joint checking account.  It would be foolish to pay for checking, so we’ll start there, see what the bankers can do for us (the customer service line guy was completely useless), and if we need to, we’ll open a few accounts somewhere else…  It’s a total PITA to change banks, but I will NOT pay to access my own money!

What fun is on your horizon this weekend?


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  1. Congrats on the weight loss and the Lasik! Woot for perfect vision and no glasses or contacts. It’s the best feeling ever to wake up, get out of the shower or a pool and be able to see without assistance 🙂
    Enjoy the Baba – I hope you love it!
    Our big plans for the weekend revolve around building a “learning tower” for my son for his 2nd birthday present. It’s basically an enclosed step stool so he can “help” and participate in the kitchen or any place he wouldn’t normally be able to reach. Wish us luck!

    • I didn’t get a chance to make the Baba — one of my direct reports used to work at a Lasik center, and told me to be careful about cooking (the steam & particles & such). I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I’ll make it next time I need soemthing though.
      How’d the learning tower work out? Sounds like an awesome way to get him to help out (or at least feel like he’s part of the action!)


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