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I’m kind of nervous (not sure why)…

I just ordered a BodyMedia Fit Link armband!  From Costco for $179 with express shipping (so that I make sure that I get it before I leave for the UK).  It’s the one that syncs with my iPhone.  I have been thinking about it for a really long time, and finally bit the bullet.  I think I’m nervous because doing this kind of brings me into the No Excuses zone.

Aaack.  Just had a bit of a freak out about the price (since I always MUST get the best deal), but at Costco it’s $179 with a 12-month subscription, whereas on Amazon it’s $140 with a 3 month subscription (and then to get 9 more months it’s an additional $62), so that’s $202.  Woot – look at me, saving money!

One thing that peeves me:  The actual BodyMedia website has it for $199 with a 3 month subscription.  I HATE when companies make it MORE expensive to buy directly from them.  Why?!?  It seriously doesn’t make good business sense.

Anywhoozles…  I’ll wear it while in the UK, and will give full reports on what I think of this gadget of mine!

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  1. Is that the thing they wear on the Biggest Loser? If so, that looks so cool! I would geek out and obsess over the analytic data though 😉
    This UK trip sounds fabulous – tell me more so I can live vicariously through you as I slave away and prepare for me son’s 2nd birthday party and make a couple hundred Blue Digger stickers.


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