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Oh.  Wait.  No.  I’m actually going to Seattle.  Where it feels like 42* and is about a 100% chance of rain every day that we’ll be there.  Cute rain boots?  Check.  Cute umbrella?  Check.  Appropriate shoes?  Nope.

We’re headed up there for a wedding of a friend that I work with.  And I honestly don’t own any dress up shoes that go with a fancy “attend a wedding” dress that aren’t open-toed.  How did that happen?!?  So, my feet are going to freeze.  Unless I decide to rock the cute rain boot + fancy “attend a wedding” dress combo.  That could work.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many grand plans for the trip.  We’ll be there for 4 nights (returning on Tuesday), and really only know that we’re going to the wedding tomorrow.  Anyone have any great tips for Seattle?  We’ve been a few times before, so looking for those little hole in the wall places, even outside of town would be fine.  Also, restaurant recommendations, please?  The only two places we know that we’re going is Alki’s (for the wedding reception) and Stika & Spruce, an amazing restaurant that we went to last time we were there for my husband’s work.  Everything is local, fresh & whole.  Menu changes all the time – so it’s just written on a chalk board.  It’s fantastic!

I’ve got 2 sets of workout clothes, and really need to pack some bars to make sure that I don’t just keep stopping in coffee shops for muffins when I get hungry!  Flight leaves in less than 3 hours, so I’d better bust a move!

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  1. Lara I live in Seattle!!! I am not from here and am with you on the SUCKY weather. I will tell you that it is more like 50F right now and not raining so you might be in luck 🙂

    Email me and tell me where you are staying and I’ll give you some good recs for places to run/eat/etc!

    Have fun (and bring some CA sun!!!!!).

    • Hey there! We’re staying at the Warwick Hotel downtown. Poured on us today up at the Outlets (long story – will blog soon). We’re trying to find a good seafood place tonight, a dim sum recommendation, brunch, and anything else you think we must do. :). Thanks!

    • I forgot that you live here! We’re staying at the Warwick hotel downtown. Looking for seafood, dim sum, brunch recommendations. Much appreciated!

      • Go to Portage Bay for brunch, also if you want AMAZING vegetarian Thai go to Jhanjay in Wallingford or Ballard and make sure you get “mushroom cake” on whatever dish you are having. Insane good! For seafood, I suggest Ray’s Boathouse or Etta’s. Have fun!!!

      • Thanks! We’re hitting up the brunch place tomorrow. Unfortunately, just mentioning mushrooms means the hubby won’t eat somewhere. We’ve had some great food so far. Local 360 is a favorite!

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