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All-time Faves!

Oprah had hers… I think I deserve mine!

A few of my favorite things:

Healthy Living Blogs

  • Can You Stay for Dinner? – Andie writes of her food, her feelings, and her weight loss (135 pounds, gone!).  SO inspiring.
  • Carrots ‘N Cake – Tina lives an extremely balanced life with her hubby & pug.  She’s a runner, but a beer drinker too!
  • Clean Eating Chelsey – Chelsey is a newlywed from the Chicago area, a teacher, and is Gluten free & vegetarian.  But I hardly notice when I read her recipes!
  • Eat Live Run – Jenna lives in NorCal and is a trained pastry chef.  Her recipes will make you swoon.  Or drool.
  • Faith Fitness Fun – Tina is a super-fit mom, who always reminds me that “life is more than diet & workouts”!
  • Fork and Beans – Cara is a fellow SoCal girl who is Dairy & Gluten Free…  We share a common love of cupcakes. ‘Nuf said.
  • Kath Eats Real Food – Kath is a RD, bakery owner & blogger extraordinaire!  Her photos are amazing, and really got me into eating (and loving) oatmeal!  I tend to ask myself:  Would Kath eat this?  If not, I pass.
  • Meals and Miles – Meghann is a runner, triathlete, and one person who can put some random food onto a plate (that you’d never think would go together) and make it sound and look amazing!

Home Blogs

  • Honey We’re Home – Megan is an amazing mom to little James, and a fantastic interior designer!  I definitely drooled when I saw her closet, but love everything about her house.


  • Water Bottle:  Kor Delta Hydration Vessel (I like the 500 mL size)
  • Sporting Goods:
    • Sports Bras:  Moving Comfort Fiona – I’m what some might call chesty. These 40Ds don’t like “normal” sports bras – and these are the best.  Locked & loaded.
    • Tank Tops:  Old Navy Perfect Fit Tanks – I wear one of these to every work out.  They don’t wick away sweat, but they’re light anyway.  And, I can usually get them on sale, so once I’ve worn it out, since they’re usually under $5 (or $8.50 at full price) I don’t feel badly tossing them.
  • Kitchen:
    • Bullet Blender:  Bella Cucina Blender – This thing is awesome.  Smoothies?  No prob.  Whipping eggs?  Easy-peasy.  Grinding coffee or flax-seed?  Done.  Love it.
    • Chef’n Strawberry Huller – You don’t know that you need this yet, but you do.  Trust me.
    • Soda Stream Genesis – I drink my weight in sparkling water.  Now I don’t have to lug it around.  I bring this on vacations.  No joke.  We got an open box special at Bed Bath & Beyond, and used a 20% off coupon.  If I had to choose though, I would have gotten the one with the glass bottle.  Just ’cause it’s prettier.
  • Home
    • Blanket:  n.a.p. Lite All Season Bed Blanket – I love this.  The hubby loves this.  The cats love this.  There’s really nothing NOT to love about the softest blanket ever.  AKA:  Softy McSoftysoft.

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