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Pushing it!

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I really pushed it in tonight’s workout.  Get it?  No?!?  You will soon!

Set Muscle Exercise Reps Weight (lbs) Notes
1 Legs Leg press 15 190  
Leg extension 15 80  
2 Chest /
Upper body
Dumbbell Chest Press 15 25  
Push-up with
Jump thru to Dip
15 BW Use 2 platforms, swinging legs (using core)
3 Triceps / Legs/Shoulder Tricep Push down 15 50 Using cable
Walking lunges w/
Shoulder Press Hold
15 each 10  
4 Upper/Arms / Hips/Glutes Arm March 15 each BW  
Hip Abduction 15 60  

Tonight’s workout was:  PUSH.  All exercises had something to do with Pushing.  (As opposed to pulling…)

Started with a 2 minute warm-up at 6 mph.  Finished with 35 minutes on the elliptical.

These were all done in superset, 3 times.  So – 15 leg presses, 15 leg extensions, 15 leg presses, 15 leg extensions, etc.  My trainer was pretty impressed with some of the grunting that was going on with the leg presses.  Basically, doing this, the weight should be difficult.  15 should be the maximum of any of the exercises that you can do.  I could seriously not do ANY more of really any of them (except maybe the tricep push down – that one was hard to “calibrate” to failure).

Snap Out of It!

Yesterday I had myself a bit of a pity party.  Thanks for coming, by the way…

But today, it’s all Rainbows & Unicorns.  OK, that’s a bit aspirational, but I’m working on it…

You’ll never guess what made me snap out of it.  This guy!


Meet my trainer, Joe, from Future Physique!  He’s got more hair there than in person (because he shaves his head, but maybe he’s losing it too?), and that smile is usually a bit of a smirk…  since he’s literally trying to work my butt off.  Love that.  

Friends, I was still caught up in my pity party yesterday when I went to see him.  I arrived, warmed up, and Joe wasn’t even there!  I feared that I missed yet another appointment with someone, but he then came in running, and apologized that he was the one who screwed up.  I was grateful for the extra 10 minutes to run it out, and he was grateful that I wasn’t pissed.  It was a win-win.  And then he got my heart rate going.

I was between 145 and 160 BPM for the whole hour, and it was awesome.  There were squats.  There were crunches.  There were leg presses. There were bench presses.  There were 1-legged lifts.  And then I did them all over again.  And it was awesome.  When I was done, I had laughed, I had vented, and I had worked.

I guess I had what others might consider a runner’s high.  I’m not sure – I’ve never had one of those.  But I was happy when I left, wiping sweat from my brow (and every other place).  Nothing does a body better than a hard workout!

What snaps you out of a bad mood?

Summer Lovin’

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I’m not ready for summer.  I’m not ‘bathing suit ready’.  I haven’t met my ‘Hit goal weight’ goal for myself, even though it’s been 9.5 months since I made that goal.  At 8 pounds a month (2 pounds per week), I should have hit it a while ago.  But, I didn’t.  Honestly?  I’m probably about the same weight I was when I made that goal.  Never mind that I’ve been up & down and up & down all year.  I’m on the way down now.  And summer’s just started.  So it’s time to get going.

Yes, I realize that I am not going to hit goal weight by mid-August.  But, I can get closer to that point than I ever have, right?  I owe at least that to myself.

I’ve got big plans for this summer, too.  And they all involve getting in shape.

My goals:

  • July 30:  Compete in a half Ironman distance AquaBike
  • August 19:  Goal comes due — I really need to be closer than I currently am
  • September 18:  Sprint distance Nautica Malibu Triathlon.  Last year, I placed 6th in my group (Athena — women over 160 pounds or something like that).  I want to get onto that podium this year — that means at least 3 minutes off my time from last year

So, what am I going to do to make sure that I meet those goals?

  • Stick to the triathlon training plan that I’ve made for swimming, biking & running
  • Between 2 and 4 days of weight / body sculpt training in the gym per week.  Just today I increased it from 3 to 4 days (snap decision when buying more sessions with one of my trainers) per week.  My classes at the gym will end in about 4 weeks — not sure if I’ll re-up with the gym or get more sessions with the trainer
  • Start up the Triathlon Weight Loss Challenge
Wait, what?  You don’t know what the Triathlon Weight Loss Challenge is?  It all started last year, the same time.  The same reasons exist this year:
  • I need to lose weight
  • I need to raise money for the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon
Why not combine them?  So, starting on June 1, for every pound I lose, I will donate $10 to my fundraising fund for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.  And, since my company matches funding, as long as I lose more than 5 pounds, there will be $20 going to sick kiddos for every pound I lose.  I’m not selfish enough to NOT lose weight!

So here it is:  June 1 weight was 210.6 pounds.

Choices, choices…

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Wondering why I make the choices that I do. 

What do I want? 
When do I want it? 

So why am I getting a chocolate chip & pecan cookie at Whole Foods? (or the super yum sando, for that matter — I don’t need that much mozzarella cheese. Nobody does!)  I had other, better choices. I just didn’t make them.  There’s really no excuse to over eat poor food at Whole Foods.  Really.  Truly.  I’m Serious.

Last night I stayed up until about 10:45, heading to bed after:

  • Working out with my trainer (arrival at 7:45 or so)
  • Cleaning up puppy poop & kitty litter (garbage day today — get it out of my yard/house!)
  • Making dinner (best salad, eva!)
  • Watching The Biggest Loser finale (so glad Olivia won — not crazy about Anna Kournikova as the next trainer replacing Jillian), and;
  • Reading a bit (Cooking for Mr. Latte — so far so good, review to follow!). 

But what did I need to do instead of plopping on the couch, mindlessly fast forwarding through commercials, to get to more of the Biggest Loser? 

  • I needed to chop up more veggies for additional ab-fab salads that I can bring to work, pre-tupperwared, and ready to roll. 
  • I needed to hard boil at least a dozen eggs, so I could have them for the next 3 breakfasts. 
  • I also needed to:
    • Vacuum
    • Start the laundry
    • Pick up the house
  • Not to mention, re-start (yes, I’m that far behind) a crocheted blanket for my niece who is arriving in early June! 

What else, you ask?

  • I needed to make a meal plan, because I haven’t done it in weeks, and surprise, my weight hasn’t gone down in a few weeks either. Coincidence? I think not. 
  • I also needed to make a training schedule for my races this summer. ‘Cause these things aren’t going to swim/bike/run themselves. (Sadly.) 

Yikes. With choices like the ones I make (sitting on the couch, eating vanilla wafers topped with lemon curd [ah, heavenly though…]) who need enemies. I’m my own worst.

I’m here!

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I’m BAAAAAAAACK! Not that I really ever left — been perusing the Blogs (not commenting very much though) and the Forums (though not much that I’m interested in right now — weird). Work is INSANE. Absolutely insane. I used to be able to sit on CK and FB all day long, and now, when I go in here, I feel this immediate pang of guilt that I know that I need to be doing something else. So I slink away, having logged (or not, as the case may be) what I’ve eaten, but not much else.

I’m working out steadily — first day back in group training yesterday. This week I have 4 (yes, 4) workouts with trainers. Yikes. Am I gonna be able to walk after all of that?!?

Went skydiving this weekend — it was AMAZING! Pics are posted on FB. Absolutely awesome. Loved it all, except when the instructor told me that he was going to make it “more comfortable for” me. And proceeded to loosen our connections. Scared!

Chipotle for lunch today, with not a great outcome (960 calories!). I know better.

Oh well – working out like a crazy person tonight with the trainer, then likely a salad with leftover chicken breast for dinner, and prep of some other food (more HB eggs and sliced veggies). Cherries are just coming into season — picked some up at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. Holy yum!

Sorry, kiddos!

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My blogging has sucked lately, sorry ’bout that! I feel like I don’t have much to say, but then I have stuff going on in my head ALL.THE.TIME. It always helps to write it out, think it out, and get it out. So, here I am!

I’m at the lowest weight that I’ve been since last year, right before the big triathlon in September. So, after getting up to about 218 after the triathlon, I’m back down to 207.4. I need this momentum to keep going, which means that I need ME to keep going. I can feel that it’s different this time. Every other time (and yes, there have been a lot of times), I get complacent with food, exercise, wine. And once I stop worrying about it, I start gaining. And woops! There’s another 10 pounds. Right on the belly. NOT.THIS.TIME. That last time? That was the LAST time.

Work has been really busy lately — adding a whole new product to manage, with a new 5 person team will do that to you. I’m certainly not caught up to where I feel that I need to be. I only have a few more weeks until the guy I’m replacing is completely transitioned, so I’d best get my butt in gear.

Haven’t been able to pick up my prize (a FitBug!) from the gym — the trainer who has it has been out. But, I’ve been rocking at the gym. On Monday, in honor of the Amgen Tour of California bike race coming through this week, our gym held an outdoor spin class. I LOVED it! Last year George Hincapie actually taught the class — this year another pro cyclist (not sure of the name — he’s Austrian) gave a bit of a speech ahead of time during our warm up. Yesterday I met with my el-cheapo trainer (got a local deal for $38 for 4 sessions!!!) and had a really good workout (although he’s more into the high heart rate, lower weight, with cardio in the middle — it’s a good mix from what my “normal” trainer does). Unfortunately he’s going out of town on Wednesday, so I’m on my own on Thursday (which isn’t that bad, since that means I can meet up with friends to go cycling!).

This week/weekend is going to be busy: 

  • Wednesday night: Hair appointment at 4, then off to Happy Hour (?) Pick up the house, because the cleaning people are coming tomorrow (WOOT!)
  • Thursday: Cycling after work. Dinner out with friends at The Counter (?) Bask in the clean smell of our lovely home! My favorite day of the month. Seriously. 
  • Friday: Swim practice at noon. Happy hour with my sorority alumni. Sushi dinner for a friend’s birthday (?)
  • Saturday: Party in Santa Monica (bring your own dumpling fillers!)
  • Saturday: 7 AM Swim practice

Wow, that’s a lot of eating out! Tonight I really need to cook some of my CSA stuff, plus grill some artichokes.

I’m a winner! I’m a winner!

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I do a group training session with my personal trainer and a few other ladies at the gym. You pay for the sessions, and whoever “wins” gets a prize. And I WON! Woot! In the email to everyone, here’s the little thingy about it:

The winners of our 2 groups go to the 2 who had the most percentage of body fat lost and most achievements in their fitness assessments…. For our 11 a.m. group, we had another tight race but our winner this lost 3.5% body fat, shaved of 1 min from her 1.5 mile, increased her leg press by 8, did 4 more push-ups and increase her plank by 45 seconds! And she is LARA. Lara also lost ½ inch from her hips and waist…and little by little she’s pushing herself harder every workout! 

My numbers:
Body fat: 36.6 % (was 40.9%)
Lean body mass: 133 (was 126.3)
Total body fat: 77.2 lbs (was 86.9)
Waist: 40.5 inches (was 41)
Hips: 44.5 inches (was 44 ¾ )

So, ahem… That’s 4.3% body fat gone, not 3.5%. Gained 7 pounds of muscle, lost 9 pounds of fat! Note to self: Remember this when that scale doesn’t move!

My prize? A BodyBug! WOOT!!!!


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I had to miss a session with my trainer because… wait for it… I forgot my pants. :( CRUD! Last week it was my shoes, now it’s my PANTS?!?! What the heck?

I was even excited to go, and more excited when I realized that I have swim tonight too. That would have been a 2-a-day. :( Now it’s just a 1-workout kind of day. Not nearly as exciting (or helpful for my plan to become a super fit hot chica!).

So, I’m making a change. HeidiKristin hit the nail on the head with her comment on my last blog post (Thanks, Heidi :hi: — I had an aha! moment!) I exercise a lot. I feel like I exercise a lot, so then I feel like I can eat a lot to make up for all that exercise that I’m doing. But really, I shouldn’t be eating back those calories (at least not all of them). I’m averaging about 1850 calories eaten per day – and then I exercise away about 600 of those, so I’m netting about 1250. Which SHOULD make me lose weight, but it’s not.

So, here’s the dealio: I’m increasing my calorie target to 1400 from 1200. That will give me a green check up to 1550 calories, or down to 1250 calories. I’m going to log my time exercised and my calories burnt in the actual exercise (so I can look at it later, if I’m so inclined), but I’ll zero out the exercise calories. Basically, I’m not eating back exercise calories, but I’m increasing the number that I’m allowed to have to off-set that a little.

Of course, I say this now, but I’m having my RMR (resting metabolic rate) re-tested on Friday morning with a dietitian, so she may blow this plan up in my face… Until then, 1400 here I come!

Argh. Monday…

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Went to bed last night at 7:45 PM (was up at 6 AM, so I suppose it was warranted). Did NOTHING yesterday. Literally sat on the couch all day playing with the new Mac (woot!) and going through photos. Started with old pics, and moved on to Africa ones. We had over 5000 Africa pics — deleted about 1000 of them, so down to 4000. How am I supposed to edit that to the 300 that people actually want to see?!? Grumble. Plus, we have about an hour and 15 minutes of videos. Some better than others — how do we upload those somewhere so that people can actually see them?!? Excited about editing them on the Mac though… Just need to learn how!

This morning, I made about 4 trips back into the house because I forgot stuff. And still ended up forgetting my gym shoes. I’m supposed to be working out with my trainer NOW. Geez. Now I have to do a make-up session tomorrow morning, and cut it short so that I can get to my first meeting at 8 AM. Don’t these people know that I have a workout regimen to keep up with?

In all my shenanigans this morning I also managed to drop the following on the ground, which then “bounced” and landed on my leather pumps and dry-clean only pants: Chobani 0% blueberry yogurt, mixed with 1/3 c dry quick oats, 4 crushed walnut halves, and about 1/4 c dried cranberries. But, since I missed dinner last night (see my “falling asleep time” above), I was HUNGRY. I swore a bit, cleaned up the driveway of the mess, and went in and made another one! :)

BTW – I’m down 2.6 from Friday. :)

I have an appointment this afternoon with an Ob/Gyn to make sure that all is in tip-top shape for when hubby & I “take out the goalie” so to speak. I’m afraid that she’s going to tell me to lose weight. Which I need to do. But I’ve been trying for SO long, and I just can’t seem to do it. But, the last thing that I want is to go up to 250 pounds while pregnant. Would really love to get pregnant when I’m at 180 or so, and have my high weight be about 210 — where I’m at now. That means that I need to lose 30 pounds. Not an easy feat. Especially for someone who’s in the baby-making mode NOW!

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