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Sleepful in Seattle

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We had a great, relaxing trip to Seattle this past weekend.  Friday morning we headed off to the airport, arrived, and promptly realized that my hubby had left the hanging bag with his suit, shirt and tie, and my dress in our closet.  D’oh!  We decided that it would be better to shop in Seattle than head home and try to get on a later flight.  Once we got the rental car (a Crown Victoria, so all weekend we pretended like we were cops, and would throw on the “siren” when we saw something amiss…  maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.  We also had a lot of doughnuts this week.  Coincidence?  I think not.), we headed off to Men’s Warehouse, which was a complete bust.  I thought it was supposed to be inexpensive?  The sales lady showed us one 3-piece suit that was terrible for $300.  He then tried on a few other suit coats, which were reasonable, but once he tried on the pants, they were ridiculous.  Super long, low crotch, with pleats.  Terrible.  Plus, the woman who was helping us had a terrible attitude.  Ugh, I hate that.

We decided to leave and head up to the Outlet Mall north of Seattle.  While the hubby was dealing with Ms. Crabby McCrabberpants in Men’s Warehouse, I called Banana Republic Outlet to see if they had any suits.  The woman who I spoke with was cheery, told me that they DID have suits, and everything in the store was 40% off.  Sold!  Walked into the store, and quickly found a few different suits for him to try on – we settled on a brown suit with a white, french cuff shirt, and a blue tie.

After realizing that Banana didn’t have anything I liked, I headed straight to Ann Taylor.  The outlet always has size 16 dresses that fit — and lo and behold, there it was!  A little leopard-print number with a matching brown shrug.  Paired with gold shoes from Naturalizer, and it was on.

You be the judge – how do we look?

Pretty GQ, huh?

The wedding was beautiful – very interesting, since the bride is Phillipino.  Her mom had made all the dresses — the bride’s, hers, all 6 of the bridesmaids, the 3 Jr. bridesmaids, and the 5 (or 6?) flower girls.  Seriously – that’s some mad sewing skills!  The reception was at Salty’s on Alki, which was a fantastic venue, although it was a bit cramped in there (maybe 200 guests?).

Me & the beautiful bride

The rest of the weekend, and the beginning of this week, we basically just ate and slept.  Sad, but true.  Sunday we were supposed to meet the bride at her house for a BBQ (with her family).  We got back to the hotel after lunch, and lie down for a little bit, only to wake up an hour and a half later.  Whoops.

On the food front:  I did not stay on plan.  But, it’s hard to go too far off course when most of the food that you’re eating is all local and organic.  That said — macaroni and cheese as a side dish — ehhhh.  Super tasty, but not on the food plan.  Of course, I never said I’d never eat my favorite foods again, did I?

Tomorrow’s post:  Restaurant reviews!

On the exercise front, I did go to the gym 3 of the 4 days that we were there (yay me!).  I only did the elliptical (not much else in the gym), but I definitely walked crazy amounts every day.  Lots of cardio, then followed up with a workout with the trainer yesterday.

Shops, Check-ins, and Whey…

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I Be Shoppin’

I went on a wild goose chase at lunch – except it paid off!  I won a $50 gift card to Lululemon at my gym.  The problem?  Their clothes only go up to a size 12.  Yes, that’s right.  Workout clothes for the teeny elite.  But, they do have amazing gym bags.  And, the one that I wanted was on sale!

At least, it was on sale last Friday online when I picked it out.  Unfortunately, after I picked up my gift card at the gym today, it was gone!  Aaargh!  I called Customer Service, and they told me a few stores in my area that had the bag.  First, I called the one near me – the girl working there said that they didn’t have any bags on sale.  None.  (Except Customer Service said they had a couple, in different colors!)  I then called a few other stores – Santa Monica had one, but I couldn’t get down there, and they don’t hold things (Against company policy.  Weird.)  Decided to head to the store near me first, to see if the girl was right…  If they didn’t have it, a coworker who lives in Santa Monica was going to go pick it up for me down there (of course, they may have sold out by the time she got there).

Anywhoo, I walked in the store, asked if they had the bag, and was immediately sent to the sale rack, where it was waiting for me!  Woot, woot!  So, I got a $118 gym bag (no, I would have never paid that) for $59, minus my gift card, plus tax, I paid $14.  Woot!  Yay me!

I also ran into one of the instructors that I had for Pilates Plus a few months ago.  She remembered me (which is weird, because I only saw her 4 times), and kept saying how strong I was, and if I was doing Pilates somewhere else.  Kind of made me feel like a rock star!

TinyLaLa Check-In

You know what also makes me go, “Yay me”?  This week’s TinyLaLa Check-in.  Today was weigh-in and body fat percentage determination.

  • Weight:  204.8 (Down from 208.6 – so that’s 3.8 pounds in a week!)
  • Body Fat:  36.6% (same as last week)

I asked my trainer about the BF percentage, as it concerned me that it stayed the same.  He didn’t have an issue with it – he said that I wasn’t losing a lot of muscle, because otherwise my BF percentage might go up.  I get that, but I still want the BF percentage to go down (even more so than the weight, actually!).

That’s basically 9 pounds from the beginning of this year (keeping in mind that this is an afternoon weight – this morning in my bathroom before showering I was 203).  And you know what?  I can see a difference.  My shoulders look WAY more toned, than even last week.  Crazy!

Protein Powders, please?

Y’all, I need some recommendations for protein powders.  I finished off my tubs of them from my nutritionist (well, I have 1/2 of one left, but tried it without mixing in any berries this afternoon post-workout and it was terrible!  Super grainy…)  I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home from my workout, and could not make up my mind!

What I’m looking for:

  • >20 g protein
  • < 140 calories
  • < 8 g carbs
  • High in calcium (my current one is 600 mg!!!)
  • Good flavor
  • No soy protein isolates
  • Ideally, it would be organic.  But if not organic, I did find one made from milk from cows in New Zealand (they really don’t farm animals in the massive corporate farms that we use here)

I was thinking that I wanted whey protein concentrate, but that takes longer to break down than whey protein isolate (but isolate isn’t as “good” or clean).  I would like to use the same thing to mix into my breakfast smoothies, but also be good for my post-workout protein shake.  I’m thinking that I might need 2 separate kinds (the one that mixes into my smoothie as a concentrate, for my post-workout as an isolate) – those could then be different flavors (vanilla for smoothie, chocolate for shake).

The “winner” nutrition-wise was Tera’s (and I’ve heard all good things about it), but it’s super expensive (about 4x the cost of the Whole Foods 365 brand one).  But, the 365 only had 15 g protein.  Tera’s is from Wisconsin though (*love*), and it’s organic.   Even the guy at Whole Foods said that it was definitely the “cleanest”.

Why is this so hard?!?

I picked up a few packets to try, but of course, not all have the sample packs available…

What do you use?  Why?  Do you like it?

Busy, Busy Bee

Saturday was a full day!  I feel like I fit a whole weekend into the 18 hours that I was awake…

6:15 AM – Alarm goes off.  I’d been lying awake, trying to get back to sleep – too much booze on Friday night.  Booze + Lara = No sleeping!

6:30 AM – Out of bed, brushing teeth, running around (nekkid!) looking for my HRM & a clean bathing suit

6:50 AM – Load up the car with my bike, wetsuit, and 2 (yes, 2) gym bags that include clothes for biking and running

6:55 – 7:25 AM – Drive to Malibu & head over to the beach

7:30 – 9 AM – Swim practice in the ocean.  Run in, high knees with surf at knees, dolphin diving (x3) when the surf is at my waist, then swimming.  Sounds so easy.  It’s not.

9:30 AM – Finally head out with the team for a 15 mile cycle; basically the race route for next week’s race.  But, somehow it was 3 miles shorter (?!?).  Weird.  A good ride, except for the rain on the way back (like daggers!) and the wet roads.  There were also loads of people on the side of the road with flat tires.  Not sure what that was all about!

10:30 AM – Call my friend who I’m supposed to meet for lunch at her place in Santa Monica.  I’m not really feeling going out in trendy SM, so I ask if we can meet at a restaurant in Malibu instead, where I have a Groupon.  Luckily, she agrees!

11 AM – Arrive at Starbucks, where I order the now-famous pumpkin spice iced coffee.  Eh.  Kind of gross.  I don’t need to muck up perfectly good coffee with that stuff again.

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM– Brunch at Coogie’s Beach Cafe in Malibu.  I got the Breakfast Quesedilla, no cheese, sub egg whites.  Eh, it was OK.  Nothing special…  But, after last night’s indulgence, I don’t really need a fantastic  breakfast!  Bill came to $25, which was exactly the amount for our Groupon.  I tossed in cash for tip, and we were all set!

1 PM – While checking my email at Starbucks, I got an email from Road Runner Sports, letting me know that today was the last day to sign up for the Reyes Adobe Days 10K race, on October 1 at a discount.  And if I signed up in store, I’d get an additional 10% off.  So, I headed over there, to sign up for the race ($29, includes after party and a tech-tee) and pick up a new pair of running shoes!

1:30 PM – Home.  Shower.  Nap.

3 – 3:45 PM – Head to the grocery store, to pick up sustenance for today’s BBQ.

3:45 – 4:20 PM – Clean the kitchen & vacuum the tile.  Our friend Christina was coming over & our house was a disaster!  Cried a bit when Coach Kill from University of Minnesota was having a seizure on the sidelines of the UM game.  So scary!

4:20 PM until 8 PM – Chatted with Christina, watched UVA with the game (woot! – it was a close one, and the hubby was not pleased!), made dinner, and flipped through catalogs.  Christina & her hubby just bought a new house (eeek!), so they’re looking to furnish it!  FUN!

Dinner was grilled bison burgers (0.9 lb ground bison, 1 egg, 3 cloves garlic, salt & pepper; form into 4 patties), topped with marble cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, plus grilled veggie kabobs (zucchini, red & green bell pepper, onion & mushrooms with olive oil spray, sea salt & pepper) and steamed corn on the cob (with butter, of course!).

Small burgers, large buns (it's all they had...) - about 1/3 of this bun ended up in the garbage before I even started eating!

With the burger veggie toppings

A few tasters of the hubby's IPA - super good!

8 PM – Midnight:  Blogging (3 posts!, phew!), reading blogs, checking Facebook, watching Nascar…  Another exciting weekend night at the TresLaLa abode!

On the docket for tomorrow?  If it’s warm & sunny, hang out in the pool.  In the evening:  Mix up some cupcakes using my new stand mixer!  Woot!

What do you prefer?  Busy weekends or lazy days?

… And, I dropped!

I’m a shopper.  I really love the little rush I get when I find something that I really want at a great price.  When I was little (think 8 or so), I had a t-shirt that had this picture of a shopping dinosaur, with the definition of a Shopasaurus (n) 1. A creature who delights in browsing thru malls and other retail stores.  2. Any beast gratified by obtaining merchandise in exchange for currency, plastic cards, or personal checks.  


My Mom had bought this t-shirt for me – and I wasn’t even with her…  She knew that I was a shopaholic.  Thinking back on it, I realize that this was probably her fault.  Going shopping was the ultimate treat – we went every year for my birthday.  Of course, my birthday is in August, so we were really just school clothes shopping (my brother’s birthday is in August too, but he didn’t want clothes, of course).

As a pre-schooler, I was just a tad materialistic.  Not that we had a lot of money, mind you.  But I told my mom that I would only wear shirts with an alligator, jeans with a horse, and shoes with a swoosh.  I got plain-pockets jeans from JCPenny’s.  As much as my mom fed my shopping addiction, she knew that she didn’t need to spend a lot to make me look good.  I distinctly remember looking through the jeans at Burlington Coat Factory (in Burlington, WI) for Guess! Jeans that the little triangle patch hadn’t been stolen from.

In the past*, I’ve struggled a bit with keeping to a budget.  But, I find it hard to pass up a good deal.

* Also in the present

Like yesterday, when I stopped in a Road Runner Sports during my lunch hour.  I’m a frequent visiter of RRS.  The managers know me because I used to train with them for my half marathons (Hot tip:  If you have a RRS near you, check to see if they have running training programs – they’re great, and they have fantastic raffles/giveaways!).  Even though I haven’t trained with them in over a year, they still know me by name – pretty cool for a “corporate” store.

When I stopped in yesterday, the manager, Jim, was working in the ladies’ section.  We chatted for a bit, and he mentioned that all the fall “fashion” had come in.  SCORE!  It’s still 95* in SoCal – I don’t need “fall fashion”, but I could use some more tanks and shorts.  And there they were:  3 racks full of clearance items!

I love the RRS running pants; they’re better than any other brand that I’ve tried (and I have tried a LOT of work out pants!).  Of course, the best part is that they’re big enough & don’t cut me off in the middle (not too much of a sausage casing!).  I was able to pick up 2 pair of grey capri pants on sale.  I also picked up a running skirt (surprisingly flattering on these gams!), a workout jacket that I’m convinced should not have been on the clearance rack, 2 tank tops, and 3 packs of my favorite hair bands (Nike brand thin ones, 3 per pack, with little dots of sticky on the back… I’m very picky…).

Behold some of my loot:

Gray pants with a purple t-backed tank. The tank has a little waist at the bottom, which will be great once I'm pregnant, but not telling anyone!

Bright pink tank with great ribbing with the running skirt. Sorry that there are no pics of my legs - they're way better than you'd think they'd be, based on these pictures! 🙂

Next time I post a picture of myself, I will have on make-up and do my hair.  I promise I don’t always look like I just woke up.*

* Actually, lately?  Usually I do

French Army Knife, Please!

Spent the day with a friend in Santa Monica, after missing my massage appointment.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m so upset!  My appointment was for 1 PM, but I was convinced that it was at 2 PM…  So I’m getting ready to leave the house at 1:40, grab my phone and check it, somewhat absent mindedly…  And lo and behold, there’s a message from my Chiropractor’s office, “Hi Lara, Just wondering if you could call us back to reschedule your appointment.”   Aaargh!  That’s the 2nd appointment for something that I’ve missed this week!  Talk about disorganized!

Left my hubby and 10 of his dearest co-workers to DESTROY my kitchen with pizza and beer, while they drafted their Fantasy Football teams.

PS: I was NOT a happy camper when I came home this evening to find my kitchen & living room & patio a mess, hubby up in bed, dogs unfed (and no water!), and spare pizza on the stove (with pizza boxes on the upholstery of the stools at the kitchen counter.  Not a happy camper, indeed.

But, I did have a fantastic time in Santa Monica today!  I picked Tash up & we headed off to the 3rd Street Promenade, where we promenaded to our hearts content, until I realized after leaving The Gap that I hadn’t eaten anything all day.  Despite having 2 iced coffees and running 3 miles.  Totally unlike me!  TOTALLY.  I do not forget to eat!

Amazing what happens when you’re 33 – there IS a first time for everything.

We decided to head over to the mall, Santa Monica Place, and try out a wine bar that she suggested, the Sonoma Wine Garden.

Loved the wooden & cork menus!

I just could not believe that we were in a mall – it was beautiful!

Isn't the chandelier beautiful? I want one!

And I loved the wall art!

Anyone know where I can find one of these? Fleur de lis & all?

We sat on the patio, with a bit of a view of the ocean.  Lovely day, lovely company, lovely wine & lovely food.  Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc to share.

They also had wines that you could serve yourself with 1, 3, or 5 oz pours.  Stick a little card in, based on what you’ve pre-paid for, and get your tasters.  Will have to try that next time.  The only problem is that those were all the way over by the bar, and if you’re sitting, enjoying your company, etc., it might be kind of a pain.  Would be a fun place to spend happy hour though.

We shared the truffle fries, a beet & goat cheese salad, and a “Garden pizza”, which was mushrooms, garlic & arugula, with ricotta cheese.  All of it was fantastic, and the service was very good.  I never waited more than 3 minutes for my water-glass to be refilled (I drink a lot of water when out, and it’s a huge pet peeve if it’s not refilled when I need my next big gulp!)

Mixed beet, Goat Cheese & Avocado salad to share.

The last piece of pizza. The crust was so crispy!

After lunch/dinner (it was about 5 by the time we finished), we headed over to Nordstrom’s.  HUGE shoe sale!  But, they didn’t have anything that I was dying for on the sale rack, so I held back.  But, I did get some new gold Havaianas Slim flip-flops.  Hey, I live in California.  Flip flops are worn year-round!  And, I’ve been lusting after them for a while, but could never find my size (I’m a 10/11 in shoes — closer to the 11, so I never like buying shoes online because I can’t guarantee they’ll fit, and I’m not good at returning stuff when I order it).


Now that the kitchen is clean, it’s off to bed with me.  Wine tasting tomorrow!  (Won’t be blogging until Monday evening, likely…  So much for the PostADay challenge.  Although I did vacuum today, and I also found my retainer!  Winning!

Oh, what a day!

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This morning was horrible. A no good, very bad morning. Work related. As a result, had to have a very tough conversation this afternoon — I felt much better after discussing my concerns and reiterating the issues, but I’m not sure that the person really understood. He did say it was his fault, but then said that there were other things he wanted to say about it, but wasn’t going to. So, I’m pretty sure he was upset with how I handled it (which, was, I admit, not the best — I don’t hide my frustrations very well, especially with something this important). He never did apologize for dropping the ball in a very big way.

Public Service Announcement:
If you want to get ahead in business (or life in general), take ownership when you screw up, apologize to anyone that you’ve let down, and ask what you can do to make it better. 

I need to work on staying professional when things don’t go the way that I think that they should, and stay calm when I find out that someone has screwed up, especially when other functional area personnel are sitting in on the meeting. I need to have the backs of the people who report to me, and should work to make sure that I take frustrations out 1:1, not in a meeting setting. That said, DON’T PISS ME OFF! And, DO YOUR JOB! If you’re responsible for something, don’t assume that everyone else has your back. QC the work, and know what you’re talking about. 


On a good note: I bought 8 training sessions through Conejo Deals, a local version of Groupon or Living Social. The sessions were $9 each. So I wasn’t expecting much. OMG – it was great! The trainer was really great, the gym is used only for personal training — so it was literally me, my trainer (Joe), the owner, and the guy she was training. LOVED it. I’ve been doing group training at my gym, but I really loved the personal attention. YAY! Hopefully this will kick start some losses.

Dinner was interesting… Baby bok choy and crimini mushrooms in the wok with 2 T of Soy Vay marinade (too much — had lots of juice left over) plus three artichoke raviolis with 1 T of parmesan cheese. Then an individual angel food cake with 1 c sliced strawberries and some light whipped cream.

Laundry, laundry, laundry tonight, and cleaning up the house before we leave tomorrow. Going camping at Lake San Antonio with friends who are doing the Wildflower Triathlon. I was supposed to do it, but wasn’t trained enough, so I dropped out. It’s a really tough one, and I just wasn’t going to be prepared. But, we’re headed up there at 8 AM tomorrow morning (yay — no more work this week!) to camp and to watch our friends do the race (they’re all camping with us — I’m def. not a ‘camper’.) Our good friend Emily is staying at our place this weekend — she’s down from San Fran for a baby shower, and agreed to stay here and watch the pups. SO glad, after the whole pet sitter debacle while we were in Africa. I’m definitely a bit gun-shy about having another pet sitter. Em is one of my bestest friends, so I know all the animals (pups & kitties) will be in good hands!

OK – Off to clean, clean, clean! Laundry, laundry, laundry. Pack, Pack, Pack. Then SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP!

I am a ball of stress…

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I’ve been MIA for a while. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Jury duty. Started last Thursday, and I’ve been sat on a jury, that is STILL going on. They expect to finish providing us with evidence today, then we’re likely off tomorrow, and they give it to the jury next week for deliberations & to come to a verdict. MUST be done by Wednesday night – otherwise I don’t get paid.
  • Final exam for Management Strategy class. It was this past Monday at 6 PM. I am now DONE with classes on my MBA! Graduation is on Saturday!!! Woot!
  • The cleaning people came on Tuesday. Which means usually I’m running around picking everything up the day before. Except, I had an exam Monday, so I was running around on Tuesday morning picking up & clearing stuff from my office (which has been our little “dumping ground”;) so that it could be cleaned. Doing that, then losing my keys, made me late for court. D’oh! Just 5 minutes, but long enough for the judge to notice…
  • My parents are flying in tonight at 5:30 for my graduation. An hour and a half from where I’m at (maybe longer — it is SoCal, afterall). We don’t get out of court until about 4:30. So, I’m gonna be late. I haven’t seen my parents for over a year! Crazy…
  • Friday, we had plans to go wine tasting. But I’m supposed to be in court — but now we might be off tomorrow. I hate not knowing. Drives me nuts.
  • Saturday morning = graduation! Woot!
  • Saturday afternoon = Graduation / Holiday party. So excited about this, but there’s still a lot to prepare. Having a taco cart guy come out to cook, and a margarita machine guy come and deliver a machine for the party. Already bought most of the stuff for the party — would love to make some cupcakes though. Not ordering a cake — cupcakes are easy to make and don’t require forks. (AAAKKKKK, just remembered that I needed to buy plastic utensils). Also really need to call the taco guy to confirm the number of people who are coming…
  • eFeedbacks for everyone who sent them to me & my self-assessment for work (it’s the end of the year review time) are due tomorrow. I’m not a good person to give eFeedback — I usually have a LOT for people to work on next year… I’m not a fluffy person who says you’re awesome, then have nothing “bad” to say. It’s usually the other way around. But, I realize that this affects peoples’ raises and bonuses, and if I haven’t already said something about what they’re doing wrong, it’s probably not the time to raise the issue at that time…
  • Holiday shopping. I need to get gifts for: my dad, my brother in law. Two very difficult people to shop for.

I have not been eating well or exercising. I have LITERALLY eaten Chick-fil-a 4 of the 6 days that I’ve been in jury duty. The other 2 I had potato tacos. I love me some Chick-fil-a, but this is ridiculous. (There’s one close to the courthouse, and I feel like I never get to go, so I’ve been eating it LOTs. WAY TOO MUCH!) This must stop.


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Tonight’s dinner was ridiculous…

Background: I was invited to a going away dinner for an acquaintance from work who is leaving on maternity leave. I ran into this woman and her good friend (who I used to be good friends with) on Tuesday. I hadn’t seen my friend in months – and had assumed that she had left the company. Turns out she just moved offices across campus. When I heard of the death of the woman who worked on my floor at the office, I really has affected me in a profound way. I want to be sure that I’m not disconnecting myself from anyone. So, when I was invited to this dinner almost immediately after running into them, I decided to go – despite the fact that we were going to Buca di Beppo. It was supposed to be about the company and the camaraderie, and the Ladies’ Night Out with a whole ‘nother group of ladies. :queen:

So, imagine the ridiculousness when I looked up what I ate this evening AFTER I got home. Bad idea — I know. :$ But, since I’m not eating meat when I go out to eat, I figured that I couldn’t also be that crazy vegetarian lady who needs no cheese and all sauces on the side. And, since I burnt 650 calories at the gym, I figured it couldn’t be all that bad. But, it was. All. That. Bad. I’m over by about 800 calories, and that’s just an estimate, and doesn’t include the bread on the table. :help: At least I had iced tea — no wine.:drunk:

After dinner I was able to pick up a few things that make me happy though:
* 2 Sigg bottles. 1 is a liter, the other is the smaller size (I assume pint sized). Both found for $9.99 each at Home Goods. YAY for deals! :rock1:
* New gym bag! It’s an Ogio – and is black & white plaid with green piping, from Sports Chalet. I’ve needed one for a while — my current one stinks (and makes my clothes stink!) and has a bunch of tears in the handles, the sides, and the inner lining. It was time… :thumbu2:

Got a jury summons for the week after Thanksgiving today. Blech. :barf3:

Also got an invitation to join Beta Gamma Sigma, a business honor society. Of all my contacts on LinkedIn, only 6 are in the group. 5 of them are friends from my own school, another is a guy that I work with. I’m not sure if it’s a scam or not — I’ve sent the contact an email to find out if I’ll get honor cords at graduation. I would do it, if that was part of it. There’s also an induction ceremony on the morning of graduation — to which I am allowed to invite 2 people. But, my hubby would come and both my parents. So I also asked if I could bring all 3… We’ll see… It’s $100 to join – which is why I’m so questioning about it… It seems that “real” honor societies wouldn’t require me to pay a fee. Kind of reminds me of the Who’s Who of High Schools, etc… But, the invite was a letter from the Dean — which makes me think it’s legit… Aaarugh.

Debacle of a Weekend

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So, this weekend was quite a food debacle. One after another. That’s been the theme for the past few weeks, though. I really, REALLY, need to get on track! It’s only 12 days until Halloween — and I’ve got a nurse’s costume in the closet that is calling my name! This weekend was the long simulation at school — which led to overeating, over drinking (to de-stress after each day), and a lack of exercise. Further, on Sunday morning I had to be at UCLA for a sorority advisor’s meeting… which led to eating pastries from Le Pain Quotidien…

I’ve also been shopping WAY too much. 8 pair of shoes in the past week. Almost a whole new wardrobe. I’m “in the money” after the hubby has paid me back some money that I needed to put into our joint account a few months ago. So, I’m treating myself. Too well. This shenanigans has GOT to stop (after I head to The Container Store for another one of these: I have been looking for a good way to store my jewelery for quite some time. Found these this weekend, and am in LOVE! I got this one, and the 80-pocket one (both in Canvas), filled them up, and realized that I have more necklaces than this holds… (And it’s 2 sided, so that’s a lot of necklaces). But I LOVE how I can see them all at the same time! So simple, but I’ve been untangling necklaces for YEARS! Anyway, once that’s done, no more!

Plan for this week:
* Curb this shopping habit
* Bring breakfasts & lunches. So, I need to package up the salmon my hubby was supposed to make today and hardboil my eggs in the morning (I’m in class right now…)
* Therapist tomorrow…
* Gym every day for the rest of the week: Tuesday – Cardio (PM); Wednesday: Swimming (Noon) & Trainer (PM); Thursday: Trainer (AM) & Running club (PM); Friday: Swimming (Noon); Saturday: Swimming (AM) & Cycling (if it’s not raining – AM); Sunday: Swimming & Running (AM)

Need to also:
* Read “Freedom” for sorority alumnae book club meeting on Sunday
* Read & research case for Strategic Management class on Dell – for presentation next Monday night (team meeting on Sunday afternoon)
* Book trip to Vegas for hubby’s birthday & Halloween

What a weekend!

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My eating was TERRIBLE! And my workouts were non-existent!

It all started on Thursday. I worked out at lunch (swim practice) because I was having Girls’ Night In at my house. I made Raspberry Mojitos and we did a cupcake tasting. 6 cupcakes, 5 girls. Yum. Switched to Pelligrino at some point (after 2 mojitos, I believe). After the hubby came home (around 9:15 or so), the ladies headed out. I then busted out the computer to work on a presentation for a big meeting that occurred today, but the slides were due on Friday. Computer crashed a gazillion times, and I finally called it quits at 12:15 AM or so.

Woke up at 5 AM on Friday, to be at work by 6 AM. Worked for an hour, then had a teleconference with our travel agent for the Africa trip. It was so great — I cannot wait to go over her proposal in depth. At 8 AM, the run-though for today’s meeting started. Worked on that from 8 AM until 10:30 or so, then moved to a different room with my boss and one of the managers who reports to me. Worked more until about 1:30, when I realized I was STARVING. Grabbed a portabello mushroom wrap at the cafeteria. That afternoon we had a birthday shindig. Someone brought in some bars that have coconut :barf: and a twix Cheesecake (which I don’t like either), and a fruit tart. I had a small slice of the tart, and scraped off most of the gooey custart. So, I ate crust and fresh fruit. Not too bad. But then, since I was up so early, I had no desire to work out. Went home, sat on the couch, then hubby & I went to dinner with some friends. A few beers and grass-fed tenderloin medallions. Plus fries, but not a whole order. Super good.

The next morning we were planning on going cycling at 7 AM — woke up at 8:30 and hubby was crawling back into bed. We cuddled (slept) until 8:55 when he woke up again to go down & watch his football game. I kept gearing myself up to go cycling alone… next thing I knew, it was 10:30! Made breakfast, then got ready to pick up some friends for the Beer, Art & Music Festival in Santa Monica. No workout for me!

The fest was so much fun! Some of the art was just plain bad, but I really liked the work of one of the artists. The beers were actually really good flavors, and they had a food truck that sold Grass-fed beef burgers and vegan burgers. So we got 1 of each and split it. I liked the vegan burger best! After the fest, headed to Main Street to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Matt and I shared spring rolls (non-fried) and a margherita pizza. I was driving, so I was off beer, and on to iced tea.

Sunday, I woke up, read the paper and a few magazines, then headed to the mall, on a mission for a new outfit for today’s presentation. Didn’t really find anything that suited me. Clothes fit me oddly — I’m between sizes (which is a good thing, so I wasn’t upset or anything) — but I’m finding it difficult to shop because I used to know exactly where to go in Nordstrom’s or Macy’s — the Women’s section. But now, I have the whole freaking store, and I’m kind of lost! Where are is the mid-priced stuff? All I could find was CRAZY expensive ($180 for a shirt!). Boo! I did get a cute pair of shoes — but I already own the style. Just got the same ones in Red. :)

After striking out at clothes shopping, I headed out for food shopping. Went to Sprouts, Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s. I’m having difficulty with this natural food shopping — because I feel like I need to buy my meat at Whole Foods, but their other stuff is so expensive, and Trader Joe’s doesn’t have the variety of Sprouts. Aaarugh. I don’t want to go to 3 stores just to grocery shop! :$

Dinner last night was Queso dip & chips. Seriously. :evil: Ridiculous. It shows in my food diary too. TJs was sampling Vegetarian Chili mixed with Jalapeno flavored pub cheese. Really good, and would be OK at a party, but Matt & I ate the whole thing. In my defense, I indicated that it was for our beer tasting on Friday night, but he really wanted it. So I made it, but then only put a little in a bowl… He went back & filled up the bowl! Could have killed him — but I ate instead. :bang: :bang:

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