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Up and at them!

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I was up early this morning.  No, the dogs didn’t get out again (that would have sucked!).  Nope, I was up ON PURPOSE.  Can you believe it?  I realized that I really needed to start swimming again, and to do so, I need to find some time to do it. My swim team practices at 5:30 AM Tuesdays & Thursdays about a mile from my house.  I really don’t have an excuse, except, “The bed is warm, the car is cold, and the air on my bum when I take off those sweatpants on the pool deck is colder”.  That’s all.

This morning wasn’t much different.  I set the alarm for 5 AM, and when it went off I immediately changed it to sound at 6 AM instead.  Then I was thinking, “Well, 6:30 would work, or even 6:50”.  I laid there long enough to realize that I was already awake, and the pool was not that far off.  So I went for it.

And I’m glad I did.

Oh, and I also hope that I win Young House Love’s giveaway for a print of swimmers.  ‘Cause that’d be awesome.

I also hope that I win the Mega Millions Jackpot.  ‘Cause that’d be awesome-er.

Pushing it!

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I really pushed it in tonight’s workout.  Get it?  No?!?  You will soon!

Set Muscle Exercise Reps Weight (lbs) Notes
1 Legs Leg press 15 190  
Leg extension 15 80  
2 Chest /
Upper body
Dumbbell Chest Press 15 25  
Push-up with
Jump thru to Dip
15 BW Use 2 platforms, swinging legs (using core)
3 Triceps / Legs/Shoulder Tricep Push down 15 50 Using cable
Walking lunges w/
Shoulder Press Hold
15 each 10  
4 Upper/Arms / Hips/Glutes Arm March 15 each BW  
Hip Abduction 15 60  

Tonight’s workout was:  PUSH.  All exercises had something to do with Pushing.  (As opposed to pulling…)

Started with a 2 minute warm-up at 6 mph.  Finished with 35 minutes on the elliptical.

These were all done in superset, 3 times.  So – 15 leg presses, 15 leg extensions, 15 leg presses, 15 leg extensions, etc.  My trainer was pretty impressed with some of the grunting that was going on with the leg presses.  Basically, doing this, the weight should be difficult.  15 should be the maximum of any of the exercises that you can do.  I could seriously not do ANY more of really any of them (except maybe the tricep push down – that one was hard to “calibrate” to failure).

I never said it was pretty…

Actually, I’m pretty sure I said it was ugly.  My newest stats…

TinyLaLa Check-in – 26 September

These were done on Monday, but if you’ll recall, I forgot them in my office at work on Monday night –> no posting.  Then yesterday I was slammed at work, and forgot them again.  D’oh!

Weight:  211.5 (this was at 4 PM; that morning I was 209.4)

Body Fat measurements – Tri, Ab & Thigh using calipers, I think these are mm?:

  • Tricep:  38.5
  • Ab:  31.9
  • Thigh:  40.6
  • Total body fat:  38.64% <– YIKES!
  • Lean body mass:  129.8 pounds
  • Total body fat:  81.7 pounds <– Holy cannoli!
  • Waist:  40.5 inches
  • Hips:  44.5 inches
I told you it wasn’t pretty.  We do weigh-ins weekly and measurements every 6 weeks.  Hopefully we’ll see some good improvement in those measurements & body fat tests.  Honestly, this is unacceptable.  I’m pretty sure that my body fat has gone up recently.  Not fair.
We then did our training assessments.  These we also do at the 6 week (mid-way) and 12 week (final) time points to see how much better we got.
  • 1.5 mile run:  13:47
  • Sit & reach (no shoes):  43 cm – This tests flexibility, and I’ve always been pretty flexible.  I don’t expect this to change.
  • Push-ups – on toes, chin to small medicine ball:  4 reps
  • Plank:  0:58 – This is not enough.  I’m doing Pilates, and lots of ab work.  I should be able to hold for at least 1:30
  • Leg press – 210 pounds:  8 reps
  • Assisted pull-up – 108 pounds:  12 reps
On to the workout…
I”m not going to give you the weights that I used.  Suffice to say, they were heavy.  But, I don’t want to be responsible for anyone tearing a disc out of their back (is that even possible)?  See Don’t Listen To Me for further information as to why I’m not the one you should look to for this type of guidance.
After we did our Measurements & Assessments, we had about 20 minutes until time was “up”.  I had some extra time, so I decided to do 2 super sets of each exercise.  My workouts are usually broken down into 2 exercises in a “group”, then go on to 2 more exercises in another group.  Sometimes these are the same muscle groups, sometimes they’re different.  I usually super-set them, with 3 sets each.  Meaning in Group 1, I do exercise 1, then exercise 2, then 1, then 2, then 1, then 2, and THEN I can move on to Group 2, and do the same.  There are typically 4 to 5 groups in any of my workouts.  This will make more sense when you see it below:
Group Muscle Exercise Reps


Back Seated row with twist

15 each

Legs Step-ups

15 each



Core / Low back Low back extension with reverse fly


Back & Biceps Pull-ups




Chest & Triceps Narrow Chest Press  
Core Plank rotate to side plank




Shoulders Standing shoulder press


Core Opposite crunch on BOSU

15 each

Let me know if you’re interested in seeing more of our workouts – I’m happy to post them…  I’m just not sure if anyone else is interested?
When was the last time you had all your measurements, body fat, assessments done?  What’d you think of the results?

2011 Nautica Malibu Triathlon

This morning’s Facebook post:

There is no can or cannot.  There is only TRI.  It’s go-time. 

Of course, I posted that as I was getting up at 3:30 AM.  Yes.  3:30 AM.  Crazy!

This was the 2nd year that I participated in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.  I was bound & determined to beat my time from last year.  And last year, I was only 2 minutes (2 minutes!) away from making it onto the podium in 5th place.  So I pushed myself to beat last year’s time by at least 2 minutes, and I’d have a spot on that podium.

Sadly, I did not make the podium this year.  On the bright side, I cut 8 minutes (8 minutes!) from my race time last year.  The person in 5th place was still 5 minutes (5 minutes! – are you sensing a theme?!?) ahead of me.  This whole time I thought I was racing against the woman in 5th place, when really I was racing against myself.

2011 – Nautica Malibu Triathlon Results:

  • 0.5 mile Swim Time (Pacific ocean):  0:16:08
  • Swim Rank:  295
  • Transition 1:  0:04:03
  • 18 mile Cycle Time:  1:03:43
  • Cycle Rank:  783
  • Cycle MPH:  16.9
  • Transition 2:  0:01:49
  • 4 mile Run Time:  0:42:21
  • Run Rank:  978
  • Run MPH:  10:35
  • Total Time:  2:08:09
  • Overall Rank:  748
  • Rank in Division:  6
As compared to last year, 2010 Nautica Malibu Triathlon Results:
  • 0.5 mile Swim Time (Pacific ocean):  0:18:29
  • Swim Rank:  388
  • Transition 1:  0:04:53
  • 18 mile Cycle Time:  1:06:31
  • Cycle Rank:  947
  • Cycle MPH:  16.9
  • Transition 2:  0:3:10
  • 4 mile Run Time:  0:43.42
  • Run Rank:  1130
  • Run MPH:  10:55
  • Total Time:  2:16:47
  • Overall Rank:  933
  • Rank in Division:  6

So, the difference – 2011 to 2010:
  • 0.5 mile Swim Time (Pacific ocean):  Decreased time by 0:02:21
  • Swim Rank: Increase in overall rank by 93
  • Transition 1: Decreased time by 0:00:50
  • 18 mile Cycle Time:  Decreased time by 0:02:48
  • Cycle Rank:  Increase in overall rank by 164
  • Cycle MPH:  Increase in MPH by 0.7
  • Transition 2:  Decrease in time by 0:01:21
  • 4 mile Run Time:  Decrease in time by 0:01:21
  • Run Rank:  Increase in overall rank by 152
  • Run MPH:  Increase in MPH by 00:20
  • Total Time:  Decrease in time by 0:08:38
  • Overall Rank:  Increase in rank by 185
  • Rank in Division:  6
Looking at it, I decreased my time in each and every event!  Woot!  My biggest issue this year and last was the run; my best was the swim, both years.  This year’s bike felt really good, although my right hip started with pressure around mile 13, and then it started radiating towards my lower back.  I highly recommend the Yankz shoe laces!  I credit that with my decrease in my Transition 2 time!
Comparing myself to celebrities, I did not beat any of the celebrity relays.  I did beat Ali Vincent, Winner of The Biggest Loser, Season 5!  Only by a minute and 12 seconds, but still!  She is so amazing, I’m so psyched that I was able to power it up to beat her!  The only guy celebrity that I beat was David Denman (i.e., Roy from The Office or Tony from Drop Dead Diva) – who I saw last year.  This year, I refrained from yelling “Woohoo!” at him as I was running out and he was on his way back in…
I have a number of pics (just call me psycho paparazzi) of the various actors from The Office:  Including Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute), Ellie Kemper (Erin Hannon), Andy Buckley (David Wallace), Ed Helms (Andy Bernard), and Paul Lieberstein (Toby Flenderson).

David Denman & Rainn Wilson

Ed Helms

The triathlon was run really, really well!  I was very impressed with the whole thing.  The t-shirts are great, and I love the baseball cap.  For raising more than $750, I also received a donation prize of a Nautica jacket.  It’s really nice, and completely unexpected.  To me, it’s unnecessary, and I’d really rather that the money for the jacket go towards Children’s Hospital of LA.  But, I know that some people raise money in order to get the fundraising prizes, so I know that it’s really a good thing that Nautica is doing for the group.

Finishing the swim. I was in the LAST wave of racers, in the light pink cap. I passed all those yellow caps!

Sheena Easton was the singer for the National Anthem.  She really did do a good job with it.  Sometimes, people do a poor job with their “rendition” of the National Anthem.  I find that type of thing annoying — I’d much rather someone took the song seriously and sang it with feeling – and didn’t sing it to put their own stamp of approval on it.  Anyway, she did a great job.  Wondering if she’s trying for a “come back”?
I’m psyched about how well I did.  I’m so happy that my hubby and my parents were here to watch, and were willing to get up at 3:30 AM to watch!  We had a great time down in Malibu today!
The rest of the day was a bit of a lost cause.  I’d burnt 1500+ calories (per my HRM), so I wasn’t too worried about what I ate for the rest of the day.  But, instead of going out, I decided that I’d rather go home and get comfy there.  After showering, I made some leftovers, then took a nice nap!  After getting up, my parents showed me all the things they brought me from home (old-timey wooden skis that we’ll use as decor in the living room, an embroidered chair that my great grandmother sewed from 1880, and a bunch of other items).  We had pizza (more Trader Joe’s pizza crust!) and wine.
Such a good day!  Time for bed!

Busy, Busy Bee

Saturday was a full day!  I feel like I fit a whole weekend into the 18 hours that I was awake…

6:15 AM – Alarm goes off.  I’d been lying awake, trying to get back to sleep – too much booze on Friday night.  Booze + Lara = No sleeping!

6:30 AM – Out of bed, brushing teeth, running around (nekkid!) looking for my HRM & a clean bathing suit

6:50 AM – Load up the car with my bike, wetsuit, and 2 (yes, 2) gym bags that include clothes for biking and running

6:55 – 7:25 AM – Drive to Malibu & head over to the beach

7:30 – 9 AM – Swim practice in the ocean.  Run in, high knees with surf at knees, dolphin diving (x3) when the surf is at my waist, then swimming.  Sounds so easy.  It’s not.

9:30 AM – Finally head out with the team for a 15 mile cycle; basically the race route for next week’s race.  But, somehow it was 3 miles shorter (?!?).  Weird.  A good ride, except for the rain on the way back (like daggers!) and the wet roads.  There were also loads of people on the side of the road with flat tires.  Not sure what that was all about!

10:30 AM – Call my friend who I’m supposed to meet for lunch at her place in Santa Monica.  I’m not really feeling going out in trendy SM, so I ask if we can meet at a restaurant in Malibu instead, where I have a Groupon.  Luckily, she agrees!

11 AM – Arrive at Starbucks, where I order the now-famous pumpkin spice iced coffee.  Eh.  Kind of gross.  I don’t need to muck up perfectly good coffee with that stuff again.

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM– Brunch at Coogie’s Beach Cafe in Malibu.  I got the Breakfast Quesedilla, no cheese, sub egg whites.  Eh, it was OK.  Nothing special…  But, after last night’s indulgence, I don’t really need a fantastic  breakfast!  Bill came to $25, which was exactly the amount for our Groupon.  I tossed in cash for tip, and we were all set!

1 PM – While checking my email at Starbucks, I got an email from Road Runner Sports, letting me know that today was the last day to sign up for the Reyes Adobe Days 10K race, on October 1 at a discount.  And if I signed up in store, I’d get an additional 10% off.  So, I headed over there, to sign up for the race ($29, includes after party and a tech-tee) and pick up a new pair of running shoes!

1:30 PM – Home.  Shower.  Nap.

3 – 3:45 PM – Head to the grocery store, to pick up sustenance for today’s BBQ.

3:45 – 4:20 PM – Clean the kitchen & vacuum the tile.  Our friend Christina was coming over & our house was a disaster!  Cried a bit when Coach Kill from University of Minnesota was having a seizure on the sidelines of the UM game.  So scary!

4:20 PM until 8 PM – Chatted with Christina, watched UVA with the game (woot! – it was a close one, and the hubby was not pleased!), made dinner, and flipped through catalogs.  Christina & her hubby just bought a new house (eeek!), so they’re looking to furnish it!  FUN!

Dinner was grilled bison burgers (0.9 lb ground bison, 1 egg, 3 cloves garlic, salt & pepper; form into 4 patties), topped with marble cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, plus grilled veggie kabobs (zucchini, red & green bell pepper, onion & mushrooms with olive oil spray, sea salt & pepper) and steamed corn on the cob (with butter, of course!).

Small burgers, large buns (it's all they had...) - about 1/3 of this bun ended up in the garbage before I even started eating!

With the burger veggie toppings

A few tasters of the hubby's IPA - super good!

8 PM – Midnight:  Blogging (3 posts!, phew!), reading blogs, checking Facebook, watching Nascar…  Another exciting weekend night at the TresLaLa abode!

On the docket for tomorrow?  If it’s warm & sunny, hang out in the pool.  In the evening:  Mix up some cupcakes using my new stand mixer!  Woot!

What do you prefer?  Busy weekends or lazy days?

Oh, what a day!

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This morning was horrible. A no good, very bad morning. Work related. As a result, had to have a very tough conversation this afternoon — I felt much better after discussing my concerns and reiterating the issues, but I’m not sure that the person really understood. He did say it was his fault, but then said that there were other things he wanted to say about it, but wasn’t going to. So, I’m pretty sure he was upset with how I handled it (which, was, I admit, not the best — I don’t hide my frustrations very well, especially with something this important). He never did apologize for dropping the ball in a very big way.

Public Service Announcement:
If you want to get ahead in business (or life in general), take ownership when you screw up, apologize to anyone that you’ve let down, and ask what you can do to make it better. 

I need to work on staying professional when things don’t go the way that I think that they should, and stay calm when I find out that someone has screwed up, especially when other functional area personnel are sitting in on the meeting. I need to have the backs of the people who report to me, and should work to make sure that I take frustrations out 1:1, not in a meeting setting. That said, DON’T PISS ME OFF! And, DO YOUR JOB! If you’re responsible for something, don’t assume that everyone else has your back. QC the work, and know what you’re talking about. 


On a good note: I bought 8 training sessions through Conejo Deals, a local version of Groupon or Living Social. The sessions were $9 each. So I wasn’t expecting much. OMG – it was great! The trainer was really great, the gym is used only for personal training — so it was literally me, my trainer (Joe), the owner, and the guy she was training. LOVED it. I’ve been doing group training at my gym, but I really loved the personal attention. YAY! Hopefully this will kick start some losses.

Dinner was interesting… Baby bok choy and crimini mushrooms in the wok with 2 T of Soy Vay marinade (too much — had lots of juice left over) plus three artichoke raviolis with 1 T of parmesan cheese. Then an individual angel food cake with 1 c sliced strawberries and some light whipped cream.

Laundry, laundry, laundry tonight, and cleaning up the house before we leave tomorrow. Going camping at Lake San Antonio with friends who are doing the Wildflower Triathlon. I was supposed to do it, but wasn’t trained enough, so I dropped out. It’s a really tough one, and I just wasn’t going to be prepared. But, we’re headed up there at 8 AM tomorrow morning (yay — no more work this week!) to camp and to watch our friends do the race (they’re all camping with us — I’m def. not a ‘camper’.) Our good friend Emily is staying at our place this weekend — she’s down from San Fran for a baby shower, and agreed to stay here and watch the pups. SO glad, after the whole pet sitter debacle while we were in Africa. I’m definitely a bit gun-shy about having another pet sitter. Em is one of my bestest friends, so I know all the animals (pups & kitties) will be in good hands!

OK – Off to clean, clean, clean! Laundry, laundry, laundry. Pack, Pack, Pack. Then SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP!

As much as I complain…

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… I really should give credit where credit is due. I am making life changes. My lifestyle is different than it was just a month ago, and I’m the reason for that. I have made good food choices. I have also made some bad ones — but they’ve been mostly good. I have exercised with abandon. I have also slacked at my workouts sometimes — but they’ve been mostly warrior-call workouts, with sweat pouring down my face. Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

I may not be pretty in pictures. I may not have looked super cute finishing my 10K. But I’m out there, living life, eating well, being active. I’m turning down opportunities to eat & drink, and working out instead. Or, like last night, worked out, THEN went to the happy hour where everyone was, and sat with a few glasses of ice water, until I was able to go home & make my own dinner. Not even one chip crossed these lips.

The other day I was in a pissy mood. Work stank, and I was angry. I thought: What would make this better? My response: A workout. Not a cookie, not chips, not a chocolate-covered toffee from the gift shop (which would, normally, in the past, make ANYTHING better). A workout. So I grabbed my bag, went to the gym and ran. I did a mile warm up (at 6 mph), then brought out my inner GIJANE :hi: and sprinted. Like it was no body’s business. 15 seconds. Walk for 30. Sprint 30 seconds. Walk for 30. Sprint for 45 seconds. Walk for 30. Then I sprinted 45 again. Walk for 30. For 15 minutes. And it felt good.

My belly may not have caught up yet, but my brain certainly has.

Today has been…

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Crap. Total crap.

Let’s count the ways how Friday has let me down:
1) I woke up with a splitting headache. I realized last night that I have an orthodontist appointment on Monday. For which I haven’t been wearing my retainer for the past 2 months. So I wore it to bed last night = sore teeth and a headache this morning.
2) I had a 7:30 AM meeting. Which meant that I couldn’t take my pups to the dog park, like I would have preferred to do (as I try to do every Friday morning)
3) My 7:30 AM meeting was crap. Big CF at work, and it’s going to take a long time to fix it, but I need a resolution like last week.
4) I had my RMR tested at 9 AM. Which meant that I couldn’t exercise or eat anything this morning. Except water — but I didn’t have any of that, either. And, my RMR went DOWN. Which means I’m supposed to be eating even FEWER calories to lose weight. To lose 1 pound, I’m allowed 1285 calories a day (assuming no exercise). If I want to lose 1.5 pounds, I’d be taking in less than 1200 calories (which isn’t allowed). Blech. I’m just sick of being FAT!!! How is it possible that someone who weighs 211 pounds is only allowed 1265 calories to ensure that she can lose 1 pound a week. Total crap. Here’s a link to my Body Gem report, if you’re interested:

*** Have you realized how much I want to say crap today? ***

5) Issues from the 7:30 meeting carried on all day long
6) My admin is out today. Her back-up was not at her desk. Her back-up refused to help me. When I finally carried the box that I needed shipped back to my desk, only to figure out that I don’t have the “privilege” of shipping anything via UPS (how stupid is that?!?), so I have to find an admin from another department to do it. And then my boss says that I should give it to the 2nd lady because the guy from the other department will screw it up. Seriously? It’s a UPS shipment. Just give me the friggin login code, and I WILL DO IT. Not that hard. Peeved that they took away my login.

But, it’s all looking up & up. 

Reasons why my life is looking better by the second:
1) I’m venting in my blog and drinking water. I’m well within my calorie target, and will likely be able to have a glass of wine if all goes well with dinner
2) I’m going to the gym once I finish this – peace out to this work desk of mine
3) I have an appointment with a hypnotist this afternoon at 5 PM to help me stop biting my fingernails. I know — SO gross. I’m a perfectionist, and as stupid as it sounds, I find myself finding any imperfection and biting it off. Then of course it looks like CRAP. So I do it again. I’ve been doing it since FOREVER, and have tried everything. Except this. It better work.

Plan to Succeed!

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Weight:  210.2

Tonight I pulled together my plan for the rest of the week. I haven’t been planning the way that I should, but decided that I needed to do this… I re-made my Menu chart (I used the last one a few months ago) but forgot to make copies before filling it in. Woops. It wasn’t perfect anyway…

Filled in the next 2.5 days — here’s the plan:


  • 4 hardboiled eggs (will eat the whites only)
  • 1/2 banana + almond butter

AM Snack

  • Celery & hummus


  • Woman’s Leadership Conference at work — lunch is provided…

Mid-PM Snack

  • Greek yogurt
  • Kashi GoLean Crunch
  • 1/2 banana (after workout)


  • Herb-crusted chicken with feta sauce (from Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast Weeknight Meals cookbook)
  • Israeli couscous
  • Arrugula salad

Photo from: Google Products – Oxmoor House Publishing


  • 4 hardboiled eggs (will eat the whites only)
  • Apple + almond butter

AM Snack

  • Greek yogurt
  • Kashi GoLean Crunch


  • Herb-crusted chicken with feta sauce (from Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast Weeknight Meals cookbook)
  • Israeli couscous

Mid-PM Snack

  • Celery & hummus
  • Orange (after workout)


  • Whole Wheat thin crust Boboli pizza with: Sauteed spinach, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers & goat cheese
  • Arrugula salad


  • 4 hardboiled eggs (will eat the whites only)
  • Apple + almond butter

Heading to Vegas (or other exciting locale – TBD) Friday after breakfast to celebrate my hubby’s 30th birthday. Will try to make good choices, but I’m not fooling myself. I will be eating as well as I possibly can — knowing that everything has more sodium than I need in a day…

Wednesday: Workout with my a$$-kicking trainer
Thursday: Cycling (as long as it’s not raining)
Friday: Hopefully I’ll make time for a run before we leave for Vegas. Otherwise, I’ll hit the gym when we arrive.

If you Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail!

Debacle of a Weekend

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So, this weekend was quite a food debacle. One after another. That’s been the theme for the past few weeks, though. I really, REALLY, need to get on track! It’s only 12 days until Halloween — and I’ve got a nurse’s costume in the closet that is calling my name! This weekend was the long simulation at school — which led to overeating, over drinking (to de-stress after each day), and a lack of exercise. Further, on Sunday morning I had to be at UCLA for a sorority advisor’s meeting… which led to eating pastries from Le Pain Quotidien…

I’ve also been shopping WAY too much. 8 pair of shoes in the past week. Almost a whole new wardrobe. I’m “in the money” after the hubby has paid me back some money that I needed to put into our joint account a few months ago. So, I’m treating myself. Too well. This shenanigans has GOT to stop (after I head to The Container Store for another one of these: I have been looking for a good way to store my jewelery for quite some time. Found these this weekend, and am in LOVE! I got this one, and the 80-pocket one (both in Canvas), filled them up, and realized that I have more necklaces than this holds… (And it’s 2 sided, so that’s a lot of necklaces). But I LOVE how I can see them all at the same time! So simple, but I’ve been untangling necklaces for YEARS! Anyway, once that’s done, no more!

Plan for this week:
* Curb this shopping habit
* Bring breakfasts & lunches. So, I need to package up the salmon my hubby was supposed to make today and hardboil my eggs in the morning (I’m in class right now…)
* Therapist tomorrow…
* Gym every day for the rest of the week: Tuesday – Cardio (PM); Wednesday: Swimming (Noon) & Trainer (PM); Thursday: Trainer (AM) & Running club (PM); Friday: Swimming (Noon); Saturday: Swimming (AM) & Cycling (if it’s not raining – AM); Sunday: Swimming & Running (AM)

Need to also:
* Read “Freedom” for sorority alumnae book club meeting on Sunday
* Read & research case for Strategic Management class on Dell – for presentation next Monday night (team meeting on Sunday afternoon)
* Book trip to Vegas for hubby’s birthday & Halloween

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