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What I’m Up to…

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Haven’t blogged in a while — I just don’t feel like I have all that much going on that would be interesting…  Sorry.

I haven’t been working out this week — been feeling a bit off, and not wanting to push it. Tonight I was supposed to have a facial & a massage, but my chiropractor cancelled the massage. Which is really too bad because I’ve got some crazy muscle thing going on in my right leg. If I’m not working out, how could I hurt it? Did I strain it in my sleep?!? Still excited about the facial though; I NEED my brows waxed!  I’m seriously like a Chubaka over here. 

The rest of the night I’ll be baking cookies and cupcakes for a baby shower that I’m throwing on Saturday afternoon. Should be a lot of fun, but I’d just like to get this ticked off the list. Baking today, frosting tomorrow. Also need to pick up the last part of the gift, buy the groceries, and pull together some of the serving dishes that I’m taking to the friend’s house who was gracious enough to offer her beautiful home! I absolutely love entertaining, and really wanted to do this at our house.  BUT, we’re supposed to be in the middle of a kitchen renovation.  Unfortuantely, that reno hasn’t started (just took measurements and designed the kitchen cabinets on Monday, so I don’t even really know when we’re actually starting…).

Oh! And I got all crafty last night and made some fabric bunting for a shower decoration that I hope they’ll be able to use to decorate the nursery too. Yay for actually doing something that I found on Pinterest!

Other baby shower food will include a fruit salad, a veggie platter (with dips served in hollowed out bell peppers — fancy! — and some hot appetizers courtesy of Trader Joe’s. The cookies will be “baby stuff” shaped, and I’ll package those as favors. The cupcakes are the cake — I’m planning on chocolate with green and blue frosting (the “theme” colors are green, brown & blue). But, we’ll see… May end up with white frosting & sprinkles… We’re also having a champagne/sparkling cider “bar” with pureed mango and strawberries as mix-ins, as well as punch, and mint/lemon/cucumber water.  Again, most of this (except the fruit salad, cupcakes, cookies, and TJ’s apps are ideas courtesy of Pinterest).  Seriously, I’m addicted.

Will take a bunch of decor pictures on Saturday so you can see what it all looks like when it comes together.  I’m a bit nervous for it, actually.  There are 3 of us throwing the shower — and I’m probably the one most into the design element.  However, since it’s at the other lady’s house, we’re using her dishes, etc. (trying to be green & avoid paper plates & plastic forks as much as possible).  The only issue is that they’re all really fancy crystal, etc., and I was really hoping that it would be a bit more modern.  She also has a bunch of decorations that she bought for other baby showers, and wants to use — and they don’t really go with the modern jungle theme that I’d set about using (before she volunteered to help).  I know.  I KNOW!  I need to get over this.  It’s crazy.  She’s 0pening her home, and of course we’d use the crystal punch bowl instead of me bringing mine, or me bringing my plain white clean-lined plates and serving trays.  That’d be insane.  INSANE.  I get it.  But it’s not going to be as cohesive as I’d like.  Of course, the momma-to-be won’t even notice, or care at all, and that’s what really matters, right?!?  🙂

Weight is holding steady at 197/198.  I’m OK with that.  I’m eating well, working out regularly (except for this week), and I’m pretty sure that I look good!  🙂  I ran into my nutritionist at the cafeteria a few days ago, and even she mentioned that I was looking “svelte”.  As long as I can keep my fingers out of the cupcake batter tonight, that should continue!

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