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For my CK peeps

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Hi all! A short post from my phone. My fingers can’t be trusted with a real post, and our hotel doesn’t have free Wi-Fi, so to hear all the goings on, please pop back later (later = Wednesday).
But, I have neglected my duties as the leader of the 50 x July Challenge. I can’t post a new Challenge board for April because my membership expired. And since I get a discounted rate if I buy it through work, I have to wait to renew until I get back. Boo. (I meant to do it on Thursday, but completely forgot!)
So, if you’re reading this, can someone start the April Challenge board? I’ll be sure to update the Google Doc with anyone’s updates when I get back.

Holy Cupcake, Batman!

Until recently (umm, Sunday), I don’t recall ever making a baked good from scratch.  And then I did.  And those Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting were good, my friends.

But they’re not this good:


This is for 1 cupcake – I took Jenna’s recipe, doubled it and entered it into Calorie King, with 18 servings.  I then took her recipe for the frosting, doubled it, and entered it in with 24 servings (’cause there was a lot left once we finished frosting those cakes).  And even though I’ve counted my little calories for years now, and I knew as I was putting in the butter and the oil, and the cream cheese, that there were an awful lot of calories in those things, for some reason because I was using fresh ingredients, wholesome ingredients (whole wheat flour!), that it would somehow zero out, and I’d be left with something other than a calorie bomb.

But they are a calorie bomb, my friends.

I won’t make that mistake again!  From now on:

Calorie King first, stand mixer second.

Luckily, the hubby took the rest into work today, so I won’t have any temptations this evening.  Of course, that’s after he had 1 for Breakfast dessert, 1 for Lunch dessert, and a 3rd for Dinner dessert yesterday.  Yeah, there might be 2 sweet-tooths in the house!

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