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Nope.  It’s not a fancy new diet.

Nope.  It’s not meant to make me drop a dress size in a week.

It’s the BRAT Diet – a plain foods diet, to “allow my gut to heal”.

Yep.  That’s me.  My gut needs a-healin’.

What is the BRAT diet?  Apparently, if you have kiddos, you’re all to familiar with this one:

  • Bananas
  • Rice
  • Applesauce
  • Toast

No dairy.  No meat.

Have any of you seen the Brian Regan clip on “No dairy”?  You HAVE to check it out:—goodbye-dairy–hello-cranberries


And yes.  That’s EXACTLY how I felt.  Well, maybe not like that, but I did almost bust out laughing when the doctor said, “oh, and no dairy”.

So, yeah.  I spent my day working from home, realizing that every.single.person who went to the meeting with me (who works with me) is sick, going to the doctor, talking to The Hilton’s Security Director about their food service quality, and wondering what the heck is going to happen when I have to go back to the same hotel for another meeting in 2 weeks.  Yikes.  Oh, and I made sure we nixed the seafood from that menu, and added a vegetarian option (which we really should have had anyway).

You really would think that as a food blogger I’d have taken pictures of the offending food(s).  But, since no one at work knows about the blog, that’s kind of difficult to do at a work function…  The Director of Security was A.Mazed. at how well I could recount everything that I ate (2 forks of sea bass, about 6 small shrimp, 5 forks of dessert).  Kind of scared me when I realized that that wasn’t “normal”.

In my own defense:  the sea bass tasted frozen (or maybe… it was bad!) so I decided that if it wasn’t good, I shouldn’t eat it.  But I had 2 little pieces of fish on my plate, so I felt badly for wasting food.  The shrimps were in a sauce on the top of the fish, so I was grateful to have them as protein.  The desserts were all really good – so I had parts of each of the 4 little mini petit-fours…)

Regardless, I call it some sort of sick payback (see what I did there?!?) for not really worrying about where my food came from this weekend.  Because that’s really hard to do when you’re at a fancy restaurant, and even the buffet looks good.  Of course, had I worried a bit more about it and how those fish were caught, and chickens and cows raised, I’d be fine.  And would not be on antibiotics right now.

Anywhoo…  gastroenteritis.  AKA Food poisoning.  Treatment:  the BRAT diet.  No dairy, no meat.  Cipro and probiotics.  TONS of fluids.

Tons of fun in the TresLaLa abode…

What I Ate Wednesday is gonna be awesome tomorrow.  I betcha it’ll have some bananas and toast up in there!


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