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Reyes Adobe Days 10K (RAD 10K) Race Recap

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Apparently when the hubby’s out-of-town, I quit blogging too!  Yikes – seems like it’d be the opposite.  But alas, here I am, 3 days later…  Sorry!

Saturday morning I was up bright & early for the Reyes Adobe Days 10K, otherwise known as the RAD 10K.  Rad, huh?  (Ha!  I slay me!)

The race started at 8 AM, but I didn’t really know where I’d be parking, so I was up at 6:30 and out the door by 7:15 AM to drive to the start (only 15 minutes away, woot!), find parking, and line up.  I parked in a nearby neighborhood and walked about 1/2 mile to the start.  There were a bunch of porta-potties lined up, with even more racers in line for their PRD.  Luckily, my body cooperated, and I didn’t need to wait.  Whoop!

I crossed the start line & was just starting to look around for familiar faces when I heard, “Lara!”  It was a girl that I used to run with from work – she got fast, I stopped running, so I hadn’t seen her in a while…  I chatted with her and 2 other ladies for a bit, then about 10 minutes before the start I made my way back — nothing worse than starting with people that are too fast!  I then heard my name again!  A group of 3 of my friends, with 2 of their friends were WAY in back.  One of these ladies cajoled most of us into doing the race, since she and her hubby were hosting a post-race brunch.  I chatted, caught up, and joked around for a bit.  We were all set for when the gun started us off…

The whole race was supposedly downhill, but of course there were little bits of uphill.  I did mile 1 in 9:29 and mile 2 in 9:50.  Water stops at mile 2 & mile 4.  From Mile 4 to 5 was the toughest, with a bit of elevation grade, and I was already tired.  I decided that it would be best for me to walk up the hills (power walking, not strolling), and start running again at the crest.  By the time I got to Mile 5, I was thinking:

I can do anything for 10 minutes!

in an attempt to run the whole rest of the way.  Of course, I hadn’t planned on another hill.  I walked up that one too.  Then it came into sight – the driveway of Paramount Ranch.  We ran down the driveway, but then had do do a bit of a double-back.  I HATE running double-backs!  Once I finished that, I thought I saw the finish line, so I picked up the pace quite a bit.  Unfortunately, then saw the 6 mile marker, and realized that I still had almost a 1/4 mile to go!  So I slowed down a bit, but I’d kind of gassed myself out.  I finished strong, though!

Final chip time:  1:04:59

That’s a 10:29 per mile average, and 1:19 faster per mile than my last 10K, in March.  Woot!

A couple things I noted:

  • Race packet pickup was great – at the local running store.  Complete with a coupon for an additional 10% off
  • My race t-shirt was a tech shirt!  YAY!
  • No medals.  I’d rather have a tech shirt, but I wish they’d let us know
  • No photographers.  Weird!  Sorry kids, no pictures!

They had bottled water & bananas at the finish.  We then waited for the other folks from our group of 6 (the 5 people I ran into at the starting line and I).  One girl had never done a 10K before, so she was so excited when she finished.  Another girl was the last person in – she isn’t much of a jogger, but she had committed, so she decided to go through with it.  We cheered for her like she’d just won!

Once we got a final bottle of water, we headed over to where the shuttles were to pick us up.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  After we’d been waiting for at least 45 minutes, someone from the race came over to let us know that there had been a huge accident on the highway, and the buses were caught up in some nasty traffic.  One of the girls was on the phone with her hubby to come pick us up when a bus FINALLY pulled up – it had been about an hour since we had started standing in line.  Boy was it HOT!

But, the volunteers wrote down all of our bib numbers, and mentioned that they’d be sending us a discount code for the next race in March.  Since it wasn’t their fault that the buses were held up, I couldn’t be so upset…

However, once on the bus, they dropped 1 group off at a parking lot near the post-race Celebration (the Reyes Adobe Days Festival is a local family hot-spot).  There were no plans to drop anyone off closer to the start of the race. Yep, that’s right:  The race started in 1 place, ended in a 2nd, and had a shuttle stop at a 3rd.  The Final shuttle stop was a mile away from my car!  I hopped off the shuttle, went to grab a bagel, and realized that they were $1.50!  I didn’t have any cash on me!  Boo.  So I grabbed 2 orange slices and ran back to my car.  Yep, ran!

Was heading to a friend’s post-race brunch, when I, too, was stuck in traffic (the freeway was still closed), so I decided to call it a day.  I turned around, headed to The Habit for a lettuce-wrapped charburger…

Then it was off for a massage, and a 2-hour nap!

2011 Nautica Malibu Triathlon

This morning’s Facebook post:

There is no can or cannot.  There is only TRI.  It’s go-time. 

Of course, I posted that as I was getting up at 3:30 AM.  Yes.  3:30 AM.  Crazy!

This was the 2nd year that I participated in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.  I was bound & determined to beat my time from last year.  And last year, I was only 2 minutes (2 minutes!) away from making it onto the podium in 5th place.  So I pushed myself to beat last year’s time by at least 2 minutes, and I’d have a spot on that podium.

Sadly, I did not make the podium this year.  On the bright side, I cut 8 minutes (8 minutes!) from my race time last year.  The person in 5th place was still 5 minutes (5 minutes! – are you sensing a theme?!?) ahead of me.  This whole time I thought I was racing against the woman in 5th place, when really I was racing against myself.

2011 – Nautica Malibu Triathlon Results:

  • 0.5 mile Swim Time (Pacific ocean):  0:16:08
  • Swim Rank:  295
  • Transition 1:  0:04:03
  • 18 mile Cycle Time:  1:03:43
  • Cycle Rank:  783
  • Cycle MPH:  16.9
  • Transition 2:  0:01:49
  • 4 mile Run Time:  0:42:21
  • Run Rank:  978
  • Run MPH:  10:35
  • Total Time:  2:08:09
  • Overall Rank:  748
  • Rank in Division:  6
As compared to last year, 2010 Nautica Malibu Triathlon Results:
  • 0.5 mile Swim Time (Pacific ocean):  0:18:29
  • Swim Rank:  388
  • Transition 1:  0:04:53
  • 18 mile Cycle Time:  1:06:31
  • Cycle Rank:  947
  • Cycle MPH:  16.9
  • Transition 2:  0:3:10
  • 4 mile Run Time:  0:43.42
  • Run Rank:  1130
  • Run MPH:  10:55
  • Total Time:  2:16:47
  • Overall Rank:  933
  • Rank in Division:  6

So, the difference – 2011 to 2010:
  • 0.5 mile Swim Time (Pacific ocean):  Decreased time by 0:02:21
  • Swim Rank: Increase in overall rank by 93
  • Transition 1: Decreased time by 0:00:50
  • 18 mile Cycle Time:  Decreased time by 0:02:48
  • Cycle Rank:  Increase in overall rank by 164
  • Cycle MPH:  Increase in MPH by 0.7
  • Transition 2:  Decrease in time by 0:01:21
  • 4 mile Run Time:  Decrease in time by 0:01:21
  • Run Rank:  Increase in overall rank by 152
  • Run MPH:  Increase in MPH by 00:20
  • Total Time:  Decrease in time by 0:08:38
  • Overall Rank:  Increase in rank by 185
  • Rank in Division:  6
Looking at it, I decreased my time in each and every event!  Woot!  My biggest issue this year and last was the run; my best was the swim, both years.  This year’s bike felt really good, although my right hip started with pressure around mile 13, and then it started radiating towards my lower back.  I highly recommend the Yankz shoe laces!  I credit that with my decrease in my Transition 2 time!
Comparing myself to celebrities, I did not beat any of the celebrity relays.  I did beat Ali Vincent, Winner of The Biggest Loser, Season 5!  Only by a minute and 12 seconds, but still!  She is so amazing, I’m so psyched that I was able to power it up to beat her!  The only guy celebrity that I beat was David Denman (i.e., Roy from The Office or Tony from Drop Dead Diva) – who I saw last year.  This year, I refrained from yelling “Woohoo!” at him as I was running out and he was on his way back in…
I have a number of pics (just call me psycho paparazzi) of the various actors from The Office:  Including Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute), Ellie Kemper (Erin Hannon), Andy Buckley (David Wallace), Ed Helms (Andy Bernard), and Paul Lieberstein (Toby Flenderson).

David Denman & Rainn Wilson

Ed Helms

The triathlon was run really, really well!  I was very impressed with the whole thing.  The t-shirts are great, and I love the baseball cap.  For raising more than $750, I also received a donation prize of a Nautica jacket.  It’s really nice, and completely unexpected.  To me, it’s unnecessary, and I’d really rather that the money for the jacket go towards Children’s Hospital of LA.  But, I know that some people raise money in order to get the fundraising prizes, so I know that it’s really a good thing that Nautica is doing for the group.

Finishing the swim. I was in the LAST wave of racers, in the light pink cap. I passed all those yellow caps!

Sheena Easton was the singer for the National Anthem.  She really did do a good job with it.  Sometimes, people do a poor job with their “rendition” of the National Anthem.  I find that type of thing annoying — I’d much rather someone took the song seriously and sang it with feeling – and didn’t sing it to put their own stamp of approval on it.  Anyway, she did a great job.  Wondering if she’s trying for a “come back”?
I’m psyched about how well I did.  I’m so happy that my hubby and my parents were here to watch, and were willing to get up at 3:30 AM to watch!  We had a great time down in Malibu today!
The rest of the day was a bit of a lost cause.  I’d burnt 1500+ calories (per my HRM), so I wasn’t too worried about what I ate for the rest of the day.  But, instead of going out, I decided that I’d rather go home and get comfy there.  After showering, I made some leftovers, then took a nice nap!  After getting up, my parents showed me all the things they brought me from home (old-timey wooden skis that we’ll use as decor in the living room, an embroidered chair that my great grandmother sewed from 1880, and a bunch of other items).  We had pizza (more Trader Joe’s pizza crust!) and wine.
Such a good day!  Time for bed!
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