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It’s a…

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… bundle of Sugar & Spice & Everything nice!  Because that’s what little GIRLS are made of!

We had our Week 19 ultrasound this morning (yes, I was indeed very delayed in spilling the beans) and we have confirmation of a GIRL!  My mom’s already pointed out that she’ll be a daddy’s girl her whole life like me.  (Which kind of bums me out, because I really hate the way that I used to roll my eyes at my mom & say, “Whatever, MOM!”.  That will never happen with MY baby girl, will it?!?)

As of this morning I was 213.6.  I started at 202, so I’m up 11.6 total.  Which is decent (but they really only want me to gain a total of 15 pounds — which I think is insane).  Except I lost weight initially, and I recently had a fairly large jump.  We just had our kitchen redone, so 7 weeks of eating out will kind of kill the meal plan.  Add a 1.5 week road trip in there, and it’s disastrous.  But, back on the wagon.  The kitchen will officially be done this weekend, and we are getting our shipment of Hello Harvest veggies & fruits today (SO excited!), so I can start cooking again.

Thinking of making a turkey on Sunday.  Just because I can!  Ha!

Anyway, the doc isn’t super excited about my recent weight gain, but I assured him that I was getting it in check.  Which I will!  Anything to keep this babe healthy!

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