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A Triathlon Haiku

Rain falls like daggers;
Slowly stabs my arms. Where is  
the Malibu sun? 

I know that this is going to sound ridiculous, given all the tragedy that’s happened elsewhere in the country, but the weather today sucked!

I met my training team for a last-ditch effort for an ocean swim the week before the triathlon.

Getting ready to brave the waves.

Last week’s swim was cancelled, because the waves were too big.  Scary, considering I’m supposed to be racing in that in 8 short days!  This morning was much better – the water temperature was a fantastic 70* (which, somehow, is significantly warmer than 67*; I don’t understand it either).

Yes, another no make-up picture... Get used to 'em.

I took this picture before heading into the water, and the waves hadn’t yet picked up.  But they did.  And boy, was I tired!  All last year, I felt like it was easy to get out past the break & just start swimming.  This week, when I felt like I was supposed to be done, and ready to turn, a huge wave would come and put me through the washing machine!  Yikes!  I’m never going to make the podium with waves like this!

The hour of ocean swimming was followed by a cycle, of the race route.  We only did 15 miles today – but the race will be 18.  No biggie.  Except, this is the first time that I have been on the bike since my last race at the end of July.  During that race, the Vineman Half Ironman AquaBike, at mile 22 my back started killing me, and I wasn’t even 1/2 way through (total ride: 56 miles).  I was really afraid that my back would give me problems, but so far so good!

Lots happening this week:

How do you prepare for a big race?

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