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Weekly, the plan is to give an update on my weight loss.  As a reminder, starting this journey about 2 years ago (although it’s really been a lifetime that I’ve gone up & down in my weight – check out more info here), I was:

  • 5’10”
  • 226 pounds
  • Size 18 to 20 in dresses (although that fit my belly, the rest of me was smaller than this – so clothes often looked very strange)
Of course, I haven’t grown (or shrunk) in height since then, but I’ve changed the way that I move my body and the way that I eat.  I’m more focused on eating real foods, and controlling portion sizes than on eating “low-cal” or “low-fat”.  This is a lifetime / lifestyle change that I’m willing to live with.  The processed foods?  Not so much.
My 2012 Goals:
  • 160 pounds
  • 25% body fat
  • 0.7 waist:hip ratio
Check out how far I’ve come based on my check-ins:


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